(",) (_gater_) wrote,

Dear Diary...

...today I did my very first fire stunt.

Yes indeedy. I was basted with napalm and set alight with a blowtorch. Pictures and video footage to come, but omg omg omg it's frickin' awesome. Absolutely unbelievable.

The first run, I was on the back-up extinguisher. The guy was set alight and omg the flames were MASSIVE. ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE. While he did his running around and "omg I'm on fire" stint, I was standing five metres away and could feel the blazing heat. It was hot. Super-hot.

Yet when we put him out, he said, "yup, I'm good, didn't feel it" - OMG YOU WERE ON FIRE!!!

Next in line was yours truly. Prepped with layers and layers and a million more layers of 100% cotton clothing pre-sprayed with Fire Check as well as Zel Gel all over my face and hair and hands and ears and nostrils, I was set alight. And the first thing I thought was, "Really? I'm alight already? Where?" ... then as I did my "omg I'm on fire" I could see a MA-HUUU-SIVE flame on my arm, waving right in my face, and I'm like, "WTF?! I AM ON FIRE!!!" but I couldn't feel it. I really couldn't feel it. I could see my ankles and shins dancing in the flames. Bloody hell.

Frickin' amazing.

I want to do it again.

I feel like I panicked and chickened out too soon as I dropped to the floor saying the code word, "Out! Out! Out", which cues in the extinguishers blasting at you.

I looked back at some photos that were taken - I am completely engulfed by flames. I kid you not. The other guy looked like he was swimming in it. Frickin' crazy. Frickin' awesome.

Tomorrow we get to set other people alight!

And on a completely separate note, new vids have been posted on Kawoosh! - check them out (",)
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