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A new Kawoosh! policy?

Kawoosh! UpdateOkay, I need your advice/opinions!

There has been a rise in video editors using free hosting places such as YouSendIt, SendSpace, MegaUpload, etc. to host their videos. That's fine, I don't have anything against it. But what concerns me is the fact that the files will expire. If Kawoosh! is pointing people to those links and all they end up with is a dead-end, the video archive will become incredibly frustrating and unreliable.

I'm thinking not to list videos that are hosted on these places. I'm even thinking of not listing videos that are hosted on youTube and maybe even putFile. I'm not sure though... I don't know!

I have been offering a number of editors that do use such free hosting places my web-services and hosting space but I can't do it for everyone. Hmmm... I'm sure rather than using my server I can help editors out by setting up Tripod pages for them or something.

*scratches head*

Do you see what I'm getting at?

Look at my list now:
* Laundry
* Watch new SG-1
* Watch new SGA
* Reassess Photomaking
* Update Kawoosh! video listings
* Sort out all Puddle Jumper sites
* Tidy room
* Reply to all appropriate e-mails etc.
* Prep for dance

*beams proudly*

Yup, I actually got stuff done. I'm going to put Photomaking on hold for a while, especially 'cos the boss is on holiday at the mo' so he's cutting me a little slack. I'm going to work on Kawoosh!, making it easier for me to list new videos... and hopefully I can train the_muppet to use it too! 8) I still have that ancient-old Kawoosh! to-do list, which I may have to revise.

Ooh, I need to learn five dance moves for this Big Dance Class thing sometime before tomorrow! I'm also off to the pub out tonight, catching up with a couple of friends... must remember to behave and not stay too late. 0:)
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