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Fan vidding question re music credits...

...so, is it common practice now not to credit the music used when vidding?


Yeah, I've been out of the fan vidding scene for years, so maybe I'm "old-fashioned".


No. I can't be. Come on, a little acknowledgment, respect, credit to the music/artists/composer/etc. that you're ripping off. I understand fanvids are not-for-profit fun; that's no reason to disregard the origin of your resources.


Maybe it's because YouTube has become the mainstream outlet for video media and they have that link in the comments to the music that's used. But you only see that if you're on the YouTube page. So many videos are shared, posted, downloaded, embedded, etc...


Anyway. Blah. I miss the anti-YouTube rebellion with the Kawooshers. Lolz xD

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A lazy day...

...woke up at half twelve. Incredibly lazy day.

However, I forgive myself as I was up until 2am doing an Insanity workout. Crazy? Who me? Yeah.

After breakfast lunch, I watched two documentaries on Youtube about space-time. Now that's something I hadn't done in forever. Ten years ago, I was almost obsessed with the concept of time. I'm no science expert (I scraped a D in my Physics A-Levels) but that didn't stop me from being fascinated with the theories and explanations people had of what time was and how it effected us. I'd love to ramble on about it but I just don't know enough, nor do I understand the quantum stuff too well.

What I do know is that I like the concept that time travels in a different direction inside the horizon of a black hole. And the theory that there is only one electron in the universe and it is able to time travel, which is why there are many electrons that exist but it is the same one electron.

I must remember to watch more science documentaries. I have a problem with reading - I've tried to engage with science articles, magazines and books... just doesn't work.

Once my brain had sufficiently melted with this information, I watched a Buffy episode (yes, I'm like a millenia behind, but I've started watching Buffy and it's awesome :) I think I'm on season six... or seven - either way, no one talk to me about it, I'm spolier-phobic) and then applied for three film roles. *crosses fingers*

And now I'm here. Thought I'd pay LJ a little visit, document my day while I can. Who knows, sometime in the future, when I'm sitting in my trailer on set of a Hollywood blockbuster, I'll re-read this post and think what a noob I was when I applied for those roles.

*waves to my future self*
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NY Resolution #3

Homeward bound from tumbling now... and told myself, "no fear, no fear, just do it".




My handstand-to-forward roll has progressed from barely kicking up into handstand to flinging myself right over, tucking, and bouncing bombing onto the omg-so-glad-it's-springy floor, on my back, in the foetal position...












Well. I didn't hurt myself. Much. I continued boing-ing onto the floor until the fourth go when my teacher had enough and helped, lol. At least he could help now that I'm kicking up rather than being a wuss.




"Stop being so scared, you have the technique."




Well, I kicked up and got over this time! Less scared than last time. I call that progress :D




Find out next week, if I get any better... lolz.




On the upside, my full turns off a trampette are purty and my preps for handsprings are coming along nicely. Woop!


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Hey. I remembered my login details!

I miss this place. Here I am again. Missing this place.


Hello *waves* I'm alive. And how technology's progressed. In my day, we had no 'apps' or touchscreen phones... here I sit, at my desk, waiting for a macro to do it's thing, while reminiscing and indulging in nostalgia.


Heh, I'm still quite verbose.


I think it's time for a spring clean of some sort.


How do I post this now...? *fumbles*

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Live To Fight or Fight To Live.

I call upon the masses and to anyone who still acknowledges this frequency.

There is no time or space to explain my absence, there is only the power of now.

I need to tell the world about Chronicles Of Syntax, a television sci-fi series where SteamPunk and CyberPunk meet on the battlefield. I am extremely squeefully full of squeeage, like, omg, totally living the dream uber-excited that I'm a part of it.

I play a character called Shia, a young, "away with the fairies", ditzy yet alluring sidekick to the gang of "bad guys", who also has, oh, wait for it, yes... pyrokinesis. Mwhahahaha.

We have just finished shooting the trailer and we're wanting to get this show commissioned. The almighty creator and power that be writer, Susan E. Clarke, has already got season one completed (dubbed Primary Faction, consisting of 12 episodes) as well as three episodes of season two, with a finished concept already planned out lasting a minimum of 5 seasons for the series.

You can already listen to the first radio episode of Primary Faction, "The One That Ran Away":

» Primary Faction 1x01 - Part 1
» Primary Faction 1x01 - Part 2
» Primary Faction 1x01 - Part 3

There is also a behind-the-scenes video during some fight training:

» Behind the Scenes: Chronicles of Syntax Fight Training

We even have a spin-off concept (yes, already) which bases itself off the in-series game called Tycan. You can see the trailer for this here:

Tycan Tournament

What this project needs is support. Support from the masses out there, who want to see this series made. We need to generate interest, we need to attract fans.

Anyone on Facebook, check out the Chronicles Of Syntax page and "like" it: http://www.facebook.com/ChroniclesofSyntax

So far, all the production, all the promoting, we're all doing this off our own backs, with our own money. We have no budget. We want to make the rest of Primary Faction, we want to make the whole Chronicles Of Syntax series, we can't do that without you.

Help me live the dream.

Then tell all your friends to help out too.

And so on, and so forth.

COS we can.
Heroes: stickmen

I go back to work today. Oh noes.

Happy belated new year to y'all! I've been in holiday mode for the past week and only today do I go back to that money-generating place they call work.

I kicked off the new year with some swordfighting =) literally on day one of 2010, I was at the Globe Exhibition again, swinging swords around and even did some sword and shield choreography left-handed ;) my wrist is getting better still. I have another physio appointment tomorrow. (And kickboxing tonight).

I've been doing a bit of vidding as well (of a more serious and purposeful kind rather than my usual fanvidding stint) - some behind-the-scenes fight stuff for a new sci-fi series, which I can't help but wonder if one day I will actually get to do trailers without infringing copyright!

I'm still wandering down the path of stuntworld though I had a revelation at the start of the year, whilst planning my training, that my ideal/dream job is not stunts. It's fight performing. All my stage combat stuff. Stunts doesn't involve the acting side so much but I know I don't want to be an actor. I want to be a professional fight performer. A profession that doesn't exist - I can't make money solely on that. And so to compensate, I'm heading down the stunts route.

Whether it's the right thing to do or not, I don't know and requires more thought. But I think I've greatly exceeded my limit of thinking for this month. I'll have to ponder about it again later.

Right now, I'm off to the gym!
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Dear Diary...

...today I did my very first fire stunt.

Yes indeedy. I was basted with napalm and set alight with a blowtorch. Pictures and video footage to come, but omg omg omg it's frickin' awesome. Absolutely unbelievable.

The first run, I was on the back-up extinguisher. The guy was set alight and omg the flames were MASSIVE. ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE. While he did his running around and "omg I'm on fire" stint, I was standing five metres away and could feel the blazing heat. It was hot. Super-hot.

Yet when we put him out, he said, "yup, I'm good, didn't feel it" - OMG YOU WERE ON FIRE!!!

Next in line was yours truly. Prepped with layers and layers and a million more layers of 100% cotton clothing pre-sprayed with Fire Check as well as Zel Gel all over my face and hair and hands and ears and nostrils, I was set alight. And the first thing I thought was, "Really? I'm alight already? Where?" ... then as I did my "omg I'm on fire" I could see a MA-HUUU-SIVE flame on my arm, waving right in my face, and I'm like, "WTF?! I AM ON FIRE!!!" but I couldn't feel it. I really couldn't feel it. I could see my ankles and shins dancing in the flames. Bloody hell.

Frickin' amazing.

I want to do it again.

I feel like I panicked and chickened out too soon as I dropped to the floor saying the code word, "Out! Out! Out", which cues in the extinguishers blasting at you.

I looked back at some photos that were taken - I am completely engulfed by flames. I kid you not. The other guy looked like he was swimming in it. Frickin' crazy. Frickin' awesome.

Tomorrow we get to set other people alight!

And on a completely separate note, new vids have been posted on Kawoosh! - check them out (",)
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What should've happened...

...so my patience is running thin with SGU. I'm trying, I swear I'm trying. I thought the opening episodes were good. Good, interesting, intruiging... I allowed the sandy episode to be meh, but then Darkness was mediocre normal and now this.

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