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Haha, some updates soon, yes, here are three new icons. i tried some tutorials, i think it's ok but there are icons that look so much better.. whatever, here they are.
2 Brody Dalle ones
1 Homer Simpson one
1 B.J. Armstrong one
enjoy it :)


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someone writes something. yes, I made some new icons, I know it sounds strange, but here it is!

4 "Retroicons"

I think there will be some updates soon :)

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hey guys , i´ve got just 3 new icons for you :(
1 rancid icon
1 sum 41 icon
1 nirvana icon
i hope you like them.please link back to _fullyalive , if you use this icons. :)

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hello , wow 2 posts from me today. ok. i´ve got 14 icon textures for you. credit goes to google picture search and me.
please give a creditlink to _fullyalive , if you use this textures :) ok. so long... here are the textures. i hope like them :)

download the zipfile here