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[20 Dec 2005|06:13pm]
Haha, some updates soon, yes, here are three new icons. i tried some tutorials, i think it's ok but there are icons that look so much better.. whatever, here they are.
2 Brody Dalle ones
1 Homer Simpson one
1 B.J. Armstrong one
enjoy it :)

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[20 Dec 2005|12:46pm]
someone writes something. yes, I made some new icons, I know it sounds strange, but here it is!

4 "Retroicons"

I think there will be some updates soon :)
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[23 Sep 2005|10:17pm]
Yes, new Icons and one Brushset FOR PS 7.0 :) Please Comment ;) And Credit if you use...


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[17 Sep 2005|02:39pm]
i´ve got some new icons.
1 blink- 182- icon
5 green day- icons
1 revolverhled- icon

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hope you like them.
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[11 Sep 2005|04:54pm]
hey guys xD
so 4 new rancid iocns for you! hope , you like them!

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[06 Sep 2005|09:31pm]
I´ve got some stuff for you!
1 various icon
3 My Chemical Romance icons
1 texture

hope you like it.
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[06 Sep 2005|07:29pm]
hey guys , i´ve got just 3 new icons for you :(
1 rancid icon
1 sum 41 icon
1 nirvana icon
i hope you like them.please link back to _fullyalive , if you use this icons. :)

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[04 Sep 2005|04:51pm]
[ mood | good ]

I made 8 Spongebob Squarepants Icons, and 3 Lost Icons for you.
When you use them, please give a credit. :)




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[04 Sep 2005|03:47pm]
hey guys. i´ve made 9 icons for you. but first: i´ve made a new layout for the journal , i hope you like it... please give a comment :)

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[03 Sep 2005|09:49pm]
hello , wow 2 posts from me today. ok. i´ve got 14 icon textures for you. credit goes to google picture search and me.
please give a creditlink to _fullyalive , if you use this textures :) ok. so long... here are the textures. i hope like them :)

download the zipfile here

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[03 Sep 2005|02:37pm]
I made some new icons with some photos I took when a baloon touched down in my town.
visit this Community, too

hope you like it.
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[03 Sep 2005|10:52am]
hello guys. i´ve made 5 icons for you. 2 freaky friday icons and 3 butterfly effect icons. i hope you like them :)

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Icon Tutorial 001/ for Photoshop 7.0 [02 Sep 2005|09:04pm]
Icon Tutorial 001

Ok, this is my first Icon Tutorial… my english isn’t very good, sorry :(

from: to:

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[02 Sep 2005|06:40pm]
Wow, I´m very busy today, I made some new icons.
All various.

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[02 Sep 2005|02:04pm]
Here are some icons I made some days ago.
All with Green Day.

edit// I made some new icons:
3 Charlie and the chocolate factory icons
1 more chair icon XD
(most of them have a white border!)

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[01 Sep 2005|09:55pm]
So, I made 3 Sin city Icons and 2 Mischa Barton Icons. I hope you like it, link us when you the icons :P



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3 Icons [01 Sep 2005|08:50pm]

The 3rd one has a white border...
Begüm... Comments please <3
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[01 Sep 2005|04:00pm]
i´ve made 9 icon brushes/borders , i hope you like them :)

download photoshop 7.0 only!

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[08 Aug 2005|03:28pm]
I made new Icons.
2 Green day Icons
2 Farin Urlaub Icons
1 Chair Icon lol xD

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[30 Jul 2005|07:44pm]
lala i've made 4 Icons XD

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