just for information...

1) I am a fan of Japan.
2) I have been taking an interest in this country for 10 years.
3) Almost everything which is connecting with japanese culture is interesting for me. (history, religion, literature, modern sub-cultures)
4) I adore J-ROCK music, especially Gackt (He is my favourite singer). Others: Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, Pierrot, Vidoll, Miyavi, the Gazette, D'espairs Ray, X Japan, Janne Da Arc, LM.C, Schwarz Stein...
5) I like J-Drama. & MatsuJun, Matsuda Shouta & Yamashita Tomohisa as actors there.
6) I like Gothic-Lolita style.
7) I like asian movies at all. & Matsuda Ryuhei, Takk Sakaguchi, Lee JunKi & Duncan Lai as actors.
8) I like k-drama.
9) I like korean music: H.O.T. & especially TVXQ -> the main reason why I come to LJ is to read communities about them. But often I am a silent reader - it is bad, I know((((
9a) I like JaeJoong from TVXQ-band^^
10) I am JaeMin-fan ONLY. They are OTP for me. But I like YooSu(they just are!), YooMin & OT5, a little bit interesting in HoSu. I am indifferent to JaeHo; I do not like & do not dislike this pairing.

I think... it is enough^^
these are just a Fan-dome lines =) for excluding any questions^^