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Can't sleep.
Hence I shall try writing...

This week was quite "lite" comparing to former ones.
Chems exam was excruciating.
Biology one went A-O.K :))))))
Started reading Orson Scott Card's Songmaster, and got Pratchett's Colour of Magic too ^_^;

On Sunday me and Sun went shopping at Hadar :)
She got a pair of hot boots like mine ^^,its great for our bloody nurses costume for Purim.
I've got myself a niiice pair of boots too ^^;;; yay.
Then we took a bus back to Krayot and ate a HUGE yuuuuuuuum salad at some fancy restaurant.
Then came back to my house and watched The L Word and drank some beer:)

Then yesterday me, Sun and Igal went to Haifa and hung out at Nishka's appartment.
he's such a cutie ^^
Then me and Sunna got back to my house and made these yum improvised lemmon+vodka+ice--->blender= cocktails :D:D:D and watched The L Word again :) its cool hehehe.

I didnt go to school today. I was dead....
Woke up at 4pm and at evening went with Sun to the mall and got a pair of jeans and brown Allstars :P
Tomorrow we will probably hitch hikes to Tel Aviv to see our boyfriends -cough-pedophiles-cough-
We shall force them to take us out for a change:) hopefully it'll work ;)

some reminders.... :
- play Baldurs Gate again x_x. havent done it in years. -
- download COD II, and other games I cant remember atm :)-
- Tie Shai down to a chair and finish watching Samurai Champloo-

Well, this is where an Insomniac, quite perverted and bored Kat will finish.
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Sunday- after school me and Sun took a train to Tel Aviv- Azrieli,
We met Yarinushka and Itay there <33333
Ate at Nandos and just hung out at Stimazki and Bug :D
Then Itay's sister joined for a few mins - she's a weird bitch XDDDD
I, personally, aside from the fact I was exhausted and in pain- had fun ^_^
Then me and Sunna took a train back, and ate cake with coffee at my place,
Then Max showed up and we had a "taste" of some home-made Klyukovka- yuuuuuuuuuuuuum :D
Then we went out and got a beer, sent Max to buy more and went back to my house,
to watch Snatch and drink beers and have fun :P

was great. though again, i got about 1 hour sleep and was dead.

I need sleeping pills. seriously. gaaaaah.

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Test 1,2,3
lol I think I hardly remember how this shit works ;)
Havent updated in more than a year
And didnt plan to update either.
But well...dunno, I kinda miss this,
Got sick of that stupid IsraBlog ages ago...
So now I'm kinda back I guess.

If, when I say I may fade like a sigh if I stay,
You minimize my movement anyway,
I must persuade you another way.
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