unpolite socialite (_fuckasaurus) wrote,
unpolite socialite


1. tribal tattoos. pure unadaltured tramp stamps, end of story.
2. self piercing. there is a reason body piercers have training and a salary. there is no excuse once you are out of middle school and/or do not posess your own autoclave.
3. "self esteem issues" GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF. you want people's adoration and respect? EARN IT.
4. areas that require a car
5. eurocentrism. especially now with the exposure of france's national issue of rascism and germany swinging firmly to the right.
6. girls' who think female masterbation is gross. ITS THE KEY TO SEXUAL SATISFACTION WITH ANYONE. how can someone else know what you want when you aren't sure yourself?
7. anarchists who shop lift. you want to know who gest the shit end of that situation? the employees of the store, aka the working class, aka the poeple you are trying to support.
8. white midle class adolesents who refuse to acknowledge the NEARLY UNFATHOMABLE amount of priviledge we were born into
9. supporters of any trendy/edgy socio-political campiagn who are uneducated about it (ex: the kid at my school who is all about "free hawaii" but has no idea about the movements' economic plan)
10. pro-lifers who do nothing for the MILLIONS OF CHILDREN already exsisting in the American foster system. I guess once they are actually born, children aren't worth protecting.


deep cleansing breaths
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