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homeward bound

This weekend was rather perfect to send me off:
1. thursday night: roasted and freaked out with annie and amy to CSI
2. friday night: got far too drunk way too fast and then went to an underwear party where I locked my self in a bathroom in a strangers suite and passed out on the floor wearing boy shorts, a bra, and tuggs; woke up, vomited; passed out again; woke up; went home; puked again; and passed out in my bed.
3. saturday: woke up at six to finish a term paper; went to breakfast; roasted in the public safety car; went out to dinner: smoked up and went to a terrifying hillbilly frat-esque party
4. sunday: went to breakfast; fucked around; went to lunch; did my laundry; hiked around and found a tractor graveyard; had a stranger attempt to pick me up from the highway; watched dazed and confused; and did my math homeowork.
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