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clean slate [27 Dec 2005|01:45am]
I am displeased with who I am both physically and mentally & am going to fix these faults.

I need to become less stand off-ish.

I have a new livejournal constant_noise, to be used mostly for communities and pictures from my new camera, feel free to add it. i will soon be deleting this one.

I am terrified this is the best there is.

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sometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself [14 Dec 2005|11:49pm]

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I CALL BULLSHIT ON: [13 Dec 2005|11:30pm]
1. tribal tattoos. pure unadaltured tramp stamps, end of story.
2. self piercing. there is a reason body piercers have training and a salary. there is no excuse once you are out of middle school and/or do not posess your own autoclave.
3. "self esteem issues" GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF. you want people's adoration and respect? EARN IT.
4. areas that require a car
5. eurocentrism. especially now with the exposure of france's national issue of rascism and germany swinging firmly to the right.
6. girls' who think female masterbation is gross. ITS THE KEY TO SEXUAL SATISFACTION WITH ANYONE. how can someone else know what you want when you aren't sure yourself?
7. anarchists who shop lift. you want to know who gest the shit end of that situation? the employees of the store, aka the working class, aka the poeple you are trying to support.
8. white midle class adolesents who refuse to acknowledge the NEARLY UNFATHOMABLE amount of priviledge we were born into
9. supporters of any trendy/edgy socio-political campiagn who are uneducated about it (ex: the kid at my school who is all about "free hawaii" but has no idea about the movements' economic plan)
10. pro-lifers who do nothing for the MILLIONS OF CHILDREN already exsisting in the American foster system. I guess once they are actually born, children aren't worth protecting.


deep cleansing breaths

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homeward bound [11 Dec 2005|09:07pm]
This weekend was rather perfect to send me off:
1. thursday night: roasted and freaked out with annie and amy to CSI
2. friday night: got far too drunk way too fast and then went to an underwear party where I locked my self in a bathroom in a strangers suite and passed out on the floor wearing boy shorts, a bra, and tuggs; woke up, vomited; passed out again; woke up; went home; puked again; and passed out in my bed.
3. saturday: woke up at six to finish a term paper; went to breakfast; roasted in the public safety car; went out to dinner: smoked up and went to a terrifying hillbilly frat-esque party
4. sunday: went to breakfast; fucked around; went to lunch; did my laundry; hiked around and found a tractor graveyard; had a stranger attempt to pick me up from the highway; watched dazed and confused; and did my math homeowork.

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[08 Dec 2005|04:53pm]

we are the earths tape worm. she is slowly rotting from the inside out and we have racing through booze drenched feasts like overexcited seventh graders on the bar mitzvah circuit.

enough crazy talk, I NEED ACTION:

*ANY SHOW in philly/south jersey from dec 17th-jan 16th
*someone to come to NYC with me
*someone to teach me how to knit hats
*best digicams for the buck/mildly used digicam to sell me

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