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The Game:
If any game had the potential to push me into buying a Playstation 3, it would be Tekken 6.  I am sooooo excited!  There's gonna be an insane amount of characters, over two new characters, an enormous amount of freedom alotted to customizations, and general awesomeness!  Overall he game  will be much more realistic and all of teh characters move sets will be updated.  Hawt!

The Movie
In other news, I am less excited for the Tekken live action movie slated for 2009.  Uuuuuh, *shudder*.  It sounds like the producers are really gonna ass rape this one.  Hopefully not, but they probably will.  The story is about how Jin enters the Tekken tournament to bury his Demons, but he is followed by his friend, a "rebel monk named Zhen" who is determined to help Jin...um...isn't that Ling Xiaoyu's job??  And who the fuck is Zhen???  He's not in the game...apparantly Zhen is Jin's new best friend...um, it's very weird.  Oh yeah, Zhen and Jin later discover that the Tekken Corporation which is responsible for hosting the tournaments has a dark secret.

In the Tekken games, the Tekken tournament is hosted by the leader of the Tekken Zaibatsu financial corporation, the leader usually being Heihachi Mishima.  Publicly, the company and it's fortune are used as bait to attract the world's best martial artists, but in reality, the tournament is a means of luring Heihachi's son (Kazuya) and grandson (Jin) out of hiding, so that he can acquire their "devil gene" which allows them to transform into powerful demons.  Heihachi wants to use this gene to become the "God of Fighting."  I once read in an interview that instead of using the "devil gene" as a basis for hosting the tournament, the producers were going to use the tournament as a testing grounds for the company's steroids...um...yeah....

Don't do drugs kid.

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