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Sierra the Shinobi

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I no longer accept penpal requests from males, hahaha. So there is a Japanese penpal sever that can be found on japan-guide.com. I joined a long while ago, and recently I updated my information because I am looking for some one from China for language exchange. I know that sounds weird, but on the Japanese penpal server, you can find people from pretty much every country in the world. Anyhow, when ever I get a penpal request from a guy, it's usually some one who (supposedly) lives in some strange middle eastern country that no one has ever heard of before or some one who lives in eastern Europe. Our conversations are bland due to the language barrier (ex.: "How's the weather?") and I never give out photos, but regardless, after about a week or so, they try to convince me that I'm their best friend, and try to tell me that I should come and visit them or that I should give them my address. Riiiight.

EDIT: So, the roads weren't as bad as I anticipated they'd be. There were some mini ponds, but with a little caution, trouble was avoidable. Anyhow, I had called into work this morning, though I did come in for a couple massages this afternoon. I wish that I'd come earlier for money's sake, but I was worried that with the constantly on-off snow/rain/slush that conditions would be worse.