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For the past couple days, I've noticed that one of my eyes will sometimes begin burning in the same place. Upon further inspection, I found a miniature cyst on my inner eyelid. Gross! Oh well, nothing that a flame-treated needle and a steady hand can't fix. I'm all better now.

Today we went to get my car fixed - it needed front breaks and something else done, and it still needs a new set of tires. With out tires, this service cost us over $300. This kind of thing makes me somewhat glad that we'll be selling the car when I move. $600 repair here, $30 there, another $350 right before taxes, and all of this is on top of regular payments equaling at least $500 per month (including gas and insurance). That's not a good thing; I'll take my $47 monthly bus pass and an occasional rental car, thank you.

It's not 100% settled, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be moving myself into Madison and my mom won't be coming with me. Thank you, every body. At first she didn't believe me when I told her that it would cost roughly the same amount of money to own a car and commute as it would to live in an apartment. Then I broke it down payment by payment to her, and she realized that it was -*gasp!*- true! So, I'm at least 80% sure that I'll be getting a room mate in the Mad City by August. Through out the whole process, I realized that my mom often times doesn't think out these financial things as well as I do...which is pretty sad considering that I failed math in high school, hahaha.

Anyhow, while the car was being taken care of, my mom and I went to the mall to waste a little time. I finally accomplished my fashion goal of buying a corset. Go me! I bought it from Charlotte Russe where it was a little over $30 - it's the first thing that I bought with my tip money apart from gas. So maybe it's not practical, buuuuuuut...oh well. It's not like I extravagantly buy things - ever.

Nothing much is new apart from this. I like the new Kagrra, CD Shizuku pretty good, but it is not my favorite. I do however, love the song Hakai from said-CD. Also, I found some truffle recipes online. Go me!

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I'm moving...

So, not so long ago I made a long boring post about how I didn't think I could attend Madison unless my mom moved in that direction....

Then not so long after that I made another long boring post about how I could make it on my own...

And now I'm making a pointless post to summarize both of those thoughts...

As things go, my mom's still determined to move towards Madison to help me, but truthfully, I think that she just doesn't want to let go of me. I on the other hand am increasingly enjoying the idea of moving out into the city. It just seems so pointless that my mom should move away from every one and every thing she knows for one daughter...

Familiarity: As before, I'm worried that my mom will be lonely. With school, martial arts and work, I'll rarely be home. When I am home, I'll be doing homework and studying, so I won't really be home if you know what I mean. This is just going to be super depressing for my mom, and I still have to make time for my friends. She's gonna move all that way for me, and then she'll never see me.

Travel time: The place where we would move would only be ~25 minutes closer to the university, and when all's said and done, both my mom and I would be disadvantaged: I would still have a 40 minute ride to the campus, and my mom would now have a 30 minute ride to Delafield (vs 15 minutes now) and 1hour+ ride to Milwaukee (vs 45 minutes). What I'm saying is, instead of just majorly sucking for one of us, it's going to suck pretty good for the both of us (travel-wise) if we do this.

Transportation: If I lived in the city, I would just sell my car. That will suck, but that's why taxis, buses, rental cars and friends exist ^_- I've decided that what it would cost me to own a car, pay for insurance, be able to afford gas and increased upkeep due to extensive traveling would be equivalent to what it would cost me to live in an apartment with a room mate...maybe living on my own would be a little more expensive, but not by too much. Besides, I'm still less likely to wreck the car when I don't have a car to wreck^_-

I would just prefer to live on my own. I'm gonna start applying for jobs in June. I'll see what happens with that. If I get a sweet deal, I might get to be on my own. Now I gotta talk my mom out of moving. Every time I try to do that, she tells me that she doesn't want me to be saddled with bills, but I'm going to have bills pretty equally either way. Now it's just a matter of convenience...

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The educational dilemma

As a small recap, I have recently been accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the state’s premiere university. I now have to choose between attending UW-Madison or UW-Milwaukee. If my decision were based on the quality of education alone, the decision would be simple. It’s no mystery as to which school offers a better education: that would be UW-Madison. As you probably already know, I plan on studying International Relations with a focus on Politics (as opposed to a focus on economics) as well as Chinese language and culture. I can get a PhD in Chinese at Madison where as I can only get a certificate in general Asian Studies coupled with Chinese language from Milwaukee. The language classes at Milwaukee aren't even as intense as the classes at Madison. What the hell?

Unfortunately for me, the decision is not that easy. Though Madison is somewhat more expensive than Milwaukee, it is not out of my price range - or at least it isn‘t until one considers that the extra cost of living on campus coupled with the price of a meal plan at Madison would run me a couple thousand more in tuition per semester, where as these things would be free to me if I attended Milwaukee. This would firmly place Madison out of my price range, which would also quickly make my decision as to which university to attend.

Things however are not this simple. The reason that room and board and a meal plan would be free to me if I attended UW-Milwaukee is that my mom would move to the Milwaukee area, and I would live at home instead of on campus. My mom wouldn’t be moving just for me though. Her family lives out that way, and now her oldest daughter/my sister lives in Milwaukee too. This is where things get tricky: recently, my mom said that she’d be willing to move closer to Madison if I chose to attend that school. I don’t think that it is right for her to move in the opposite direction of every one who she knows just for one daughter, and I would feel guilty when she quickly became lonely to say the least. However, her moving towards Madison would make it possible for me to live at home, in which case I could afford the better education. Besides, even my mom will admit that no one really comes from Milwaukee to visit us anyway, and we’d only be moving thirty minutes further away from the MKE than we are now. That would be an hour and fifteen minute drive versus a forty five minute dive to Milwaukee.

My mom’s really pressuring me to give Milwaukee a chance, and believe me, I am. I’m trying to consider both schools, pros and cons. To encourage me to choose Milwaukee so that she won't "have to" move towards Madison, my mom keeps saying really depressingly desperate things like, “The mayor is trying to get more Chinese business to come to Milwaukee,” and “I’m sure that Milwaukee will get a lot more classes soon. I bet that they will over haul their program so that it will rival Madison’s! Just give them a chance, you will see.”

Her saying these kinds of things makes me slightly disheartened about the possibility of attending UW-Milwaukee. First off, business is leaving Milwaukee. Second of all, the last time Milwaukee tried to improve their education system, they tried to add a nursing school, but Madison took it. Even if Milwaukee were to randomly choose to over haul their Chinese education out of all of the other educational opportunities and programs available for remodeling, I’m sure that it would take at least a few hundred thousand dollars that the UW system doesn’t have. Even if they were to pursue such a thing, it would take years. I’d already have graduated by the time anything happened, and besides, I don’t think that Milwaukee has it in them to rival Madison in anything anyway. Hell, Milwaukee’s known as “The Brew City,” with more bars per square city block than other city in the US and they can’t even rival Madison (“The Mad City”) as a drunken party school. Furthermore, most of the breweries aren’t even left in Milwaukee; they sold them to South Africa. There goes some more business. Now do you see what I mean by “depressingly desperate” and “disheartened”?

I’m not sure what to do, though I feel like the decision should be so simple. Do I tell my mom to move just for me so that I can pursue the better education? Do I attend Milwaukee whose over all education isn’t horrible, just vastly inferior, especially as far as Chinese is concerned because it makes things easier on the family? I realize that most parents wouldn’t relocate for their kid’s education, so I am completely at my mom’s mercy on this one, and I can’t be anything but grateful that she is even considering moving to help me…but I know that she doesn’t really want to move (though she’s offered to move), and I’m not sure that I should suggest to her that she do so. I'm not sure what to do...