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Sierra the Shinobi

Mime knife fighting.

Take a moment to clear your mind, and imagine the next line you read:

Mime knife fighting.

Ok, continuing, I'm out on my own now. Things are going questionably. I am chronically short on money, but that's expected. The problem is that I have to find yet another new job. There are a lot of new procedural changes underway that will be very costly to me - about $1000 costly after I apply for all of the new insurances and licensing that are now required to keep my job, plus the equiptment that I will have to buy. I could take out a small business loan to cover these expenses, but given my ultra part time status (less than 15 hours/week) and my obligations as a student, this would not be a very good move on my behalf.

So far, I am short on leads. One place is not hiring, another place is hiring, but they're looking for a massage therapist with a background in skin care (which I don't have). I haven't heard back from the third place, but I'm sure that they're not hiring either. There is one place that I have left to apply at, so good luck?? Now I just wait and bide my time. It's a waiting game now.

School is time consuming. I am in class 13 hours/week not to mention all of the studying that I have to do. I'm not sure if I am where I should be for some of my classes...I think I am, but I'm not sure. We'll see come first midterm, but I don't want to wait till then to find out that I've been doing something wrong, so I wrote my professor to see what's up.

Otherwise, everything is doing good.

Sierra the Shinobi


For the past couple days, I've noticed that one of my eyes will sometimes begin burning in the same place. Upon further inspection, I found a miniature cyst on my inner eyelid. Gross! Oh well, nothing that a flame-treated needle and a steady hand can't fix. I'm all better now.

Today we went to get my car fixed - it needed front breaks and something else done, and it still needs a new set of tires. With out tires, this service cost us over $300. This kind of thing makes me somewhat glad that we'll be selling the car when I move. $600 repair here, $30 there, another $350 right before taxes, and all of this is on top of regular payments equaling at least $500 per month (including gas and insurance). That's not a good thing; I'll take my $47 monthly bus pass and an occasional rental car, thank you.

It's not 100% settled, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be moving myself into Madison and my mom won't be coming with me. Thank you, every body. At first she didn't believe me when I told her that it would cost roughly the same amount of money to own a car and commute as it would to live in an apartment. Then I broke it down payment by payment to her, and she realized that it was -*gasp!*- true! So, I'm at least 80% sure that I'll be getting a room mate in the Mad City by August. Through out the whole process, I realized that my mom often times doesn't think out these financial things as well as I do...which is pretty sad considering that I failed math in high school, hahaha.

Anyhow, while the car was being taken care of, my mom and I went to the mall to waste a little time. I finally accomplished my fashion goal of buying a corset. Go me! I bought it from Charlotte Russe where it was a little over $30 - it's the first thing that I bought with my tip money apart from gas. So maybe it's not practical, buuuuuuut...oh well. It's not like I extravagantly buy things - ever.

Nothing much is new apart from this. I like the new Kagrra, CD Shizuku pretty good, but it is not my favorite. I do however, love the song Hakai from said-CD. Also, I found some truffle recipes online. Go me!

~*Grosses Bisses*~