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Sierra the Shinobi

Updating my bedroom

I've decided to update my bedroom.  I won't do this anytime soon because one: this is an expensive project and two: I will be moving this summer.  I hope my landlord lets me paint because the plan entails this:
1. painting the walls
2. adding an outdoors window box
3. other individual elements

So about painting the walls, I found these designes online and they really interested me:

Here we have the colored silhouette of a flowering tree painted on the wall.  If you look closely, the cloth flowers from the second picture are adhesed to the silhouette in the first picture.  I've decided to do a take on this.  I'm going to use a floral pattern that's connected to a scent so I can use things like Glade plug-ins, potpourri and incense to add fragrance to the room.  My ideas are listed below:

Apple tree

silhouette:baby pink

Lilac bush

silhouette 1:


flowers 1:


silhouette 2:


flowers 2:


silhouette 3:


flowers 3:


silhouette 4:


flowers 4:


...If you've never seen a lilac bush, you should know that they can grow to be tree sized...

What do you think?  And about the window box...window boxes can be placed in your window sill or hung outside of your window.  It's a great way for a person who lives in an apartment to have a miniature garden.  I think that I want an outdoors window box.  I'll either grow cherry tomatoes or some kind of small sprawling flower like Alyssum (which is fragrant) or vinca.

The style will be traditional, the theme is "faerie tales."  I'm not sure about the color theme; it really depends on the wall paint, which is also the mood setter.  Give me your input!