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Sierra the Shinobi

Broken Goods

Before I continue to the main story, I will get you up to date on where I currently am in life as I have not posted for a very long time. Currently, I am living in a studio in Madison, WI. I attend UW-Madison where I am studying Chinese and International Relations. I hold a job at a spa where I work part time, and I am trying to learn Parkour, but the following information might make that difficult.

So I think I fractured my heel. I thought I broke it at first, but two days later I don't think that my injury is that bad. You see, I was leaving my friend Amanda's apartment the other night, and as I stepped out into the hallway, I noticed that there were two different exits, but I couldn't remember which door I came in through. Amanda told me that either door would get me outside, so I picked an exit and left. When I got outside, I realized that I had chosen the wrong exit as had I ended up in the apartment complex's backyard which was entirely fenced in. Momentarily, I thought about going back inside and using the other exit, but ultimately I decided that it would just be faster to hop the fence.

I am no fence-hopping amateur, I have been hopping fences since I was a wee lass. If I hopped the fence in my father's back yard, I could get into the forest which I frequented. If I hopped my neighbor's fence, I could get into their vegetable garden. This fence would be no different, or so I thought. Well, this fence was a little taller than the rest, maybe 10 or 15 feet, but it was doable, so I climbed up and over. Everything was going as usual, and on the way down, I decided that I would just drop to the bottom. I figured that I was only a few feet (at most) from the ground anyways. I think I miscalculated.

You know how when you're not paying attention to where you're walking, and you walk off of a step or a curb and you stumble because you were expecting there to be ground where there wasn't any? It was kind of like that. I was expecting the ground to be closer, and it wasn't, so I stumbled when I fell. I remember landing on my ass (which is also sore), but I don't remember landing on the heel of my foot, yet I couldn't put pressure on my right heel after that.

I thought that maybe it was just traumatized, and I could sleep it off. I should have probably soaked my foot in ice water, but I didn't for some reason. Hey, I never said that I was competent. If you had previously thought that, you are either very nice, or I am very deceptive. Yesterday morning I woke up, and my foot was incredibly tender. I couldn't rest my foot on the bed because the pressure was so intense. In short it was too tender to touch so I had been walking on the ball of my foot all day. It got a little better towards the evening. As of today, I can set my foot down and walk on it, but I still can't walk heel to toe because 130 lbs of Sierra is a lot Sierra to put on my heel right now. If it's not considerably better tomorrow, I might make an appointment to give some lucky doctor a new boat or a vacation package, but as of now I'm still hopeful or at least in denial.

I'm not sure what's more embarrasing - the fact that I hurt myself climbing a simple fence or the fact that I could not properly judge my distance from the ground because my big hair was in the way. Sometimes that happens if I don't straighten it. Shit!

- Sierra