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Sierra the Shinobi

The Waiting Game

I don't really have any new news.  Life is going pleasantly; I'm just waiting now.  Waiting for my savings to grow, waiting for the state to send me notification saying that I can take my state test.  Once I take that test, I can recieve my state liscence number.  Once I have my state liscence number, I can get my malpractice insurance card (I have the insurance, just not the card).  Once I have the state liscence and the insurance card, I can look for another job in the Mad City.  Once I have a job in the Mad City, I can look for housing.  Once I have housing, that will be a big load off my back come school time.  Speaking of school, I'm waiting for Madison to tell me when I can begin applying for classes.

Also, I'm gonna do my hair before June.  Yeah, I've made a lot of posts on this subject.  Here's another.  Originally, I was gonna get a short girl's cut like a pixie cut, and then I began thinking to myself, "I can't imagine how these haircuts would grow out gracefully."  Now I'm gonna get a more midlength cut:

<center><img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a319/kitsuneoni22/j2.jpg"></img></center> 

This will be more expensive (because I'm having my hair straightened, and the less hair that I have, the cheaper it will be), but less awkward.  now I have to grow out my bangs.  *That* will be awkward...