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Sierra the Shinobi


For the past couple days, I've noticed that one of my eyes will sometimes begin burning in the same place. Upon further inspection, I found a miniature cyst on my inner eyelid. Gross! Oh well, nothing that a flame-treated needle and a steady hand can't fix. I'm all better now.

Today we went to get my car fixed - it needed front breaks and something else done, and it still needs a new set of tires. With out tires, this service cost us over $300. This kind of thing makes me somewhat glad that we'll be selling the car when I move. $600 repair here, $30 there, another $350 right before taxes, and all of this is on top of regular payments equaling at least $500 per month (including gas and insurance). That's not a good thing; I'll take my $47 monthly bus pass and an occasional rental car, thank you.

It's not 100% settled, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be moving myself into Madison and my mom won't be coming with me. Thank you, every body. At first she didn't believe me when I told her that it would cost roughly the same amount of money to own a car and commute as it would to live in an apartment. Then I broke it down payment by payment to her, and she realized that it was -*gasp!*- true! So, I'm at least 80% sure that I'll be getting a room mate in the Mad City by August. Through out the whole process, I realized that my mom often times doesn't think out these financial things as well as I do...which is pretty sad considering that I failed math in high school, hahaha.

Anyhow, while the car was being taken care of, my mom and I went to the mall to waste a little time. I finally accomplished my fashion goal of buying a corset. Go me! I bought it from Charlotte Russe where it was a little over $30 - it's the first thing that I bought with my tip money apart from gas. So maybe it's not practical, buuuuuuut...oh well. It's not like I extravagantly buy things - ever.

Nothing much is new apart from this. I like the new Kagrra, CD Shizuku pretty good, but it is not my favorite. I do however, love the song Hakai from said-CD. Also, I found some truffle recipes online. Go me!

~*Grosses Bisses*~