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So I've decided to attend UW-Madison. I believe that often times you get what you pay for and that every bit of money that I put into that prestigous degree will pay me back after graduation. I've also decided that I can afford to live on my own if my mother goes back on her offer. I'm thinking that there's a possibility that she will because she is really reluctant to move.

So even though apartments in Madison are outrageously priced, I did find a few decent looking apartment complexes. All of the buildings were less than 20 minutes from UW-Madison, and all of the buildings were on the bus line, so I wouldn't hav eto use my car often. All of the buildings included at least, air conditioning, water, sewage and trash disposal in the cost of the rent, but my favorite was $620 for a one bedroom apartment, but all of the amenities were included. These are the types of deals that I am aiming for. If you're interested, here's the math:

First, I would need a new job...
With my new job, I would expect to "work" 30 hours per week. 25 hours would be spent massaging, the other 5 hours/week are hours that I spend on break. If I am paid a gross amount of $30/hour massage, I can expect to take at least $25/hour massage home after taxes. That's $625/week -or- $1,250/pay period -or-$2,500 month net pay, not including tips. I expect to haul in roughly $500/month in tips, give or take. This is far from impossible working as a massage therapist, unless of course one works for Massage Envy =:( My income would looks like this:

  • 25 hrs/wk hands on
  • $25/hr net pay
  • $625/wk
  • $1250/pay period
  • $2500/mo.
  • --------------------------->$500/month in tips???

Continuing, these are my regular bills. I think that I got them all listed here except for the cell phone bill which is covered by my mom under the Family Plan. I tried to over estimate rather than underestimate what I will have to pay. This is what I have come up with:

Bill------------------Cost---------Total---------What's left of my paycheck
car payments------$200
car insurance-----$100

Parent Plus-------$100
Lakeside loans----$300
School savings----$250----------$700----------$1300

  • $4000 /semester; this is roughly what it will cost me to attend Madison each semester
  • -$3000 from financial aid; I can milk both FAFSA and Parent plus for $3000, or $1500 each.
  • $1000 /semester; this is what I have left to pay out of pocket after financial aid kicks in.
  • $250 /month; a semster is roughly four months. $1000/4 months=$250/month that I need to save.


savings-----------$200 plus tips

If there's no error in my math, I would have $1000 left to live on after I pay for my regular bills and tuition. I can either find a place with a room mate, or find my own place.

RENT (in general w/ a room mate)
utilities-----$200 (I'd have as many included as possible)
$700; $1000-$700=$300 left over every month, not including tips.
* With the extra money, I could put more towards tuition, rent, food, savings, etc. or I could cut back on the hours that I work per month to help free up time for studies.

RENT (at my favorite location w/o a room mate)
utilities-----all included
$720; $1000-$720=$280 left over every month, not including tips.
* Looks like I could still afford to live off campus. This would allow me more space and more freedom.

So that's that.