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9 July 1987
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I'm a 20 year old human of the female variety. I reside on the Midwest side. I am a career Massage Therapist; this is how I pay for my expensive habit of living.

Currently, I am attending college at UW-MadisonI am study Chinese and International Relations. Mostly I just want a job that allows me to travel. Maybe I'll work for a government agency or in an embassy abroad. I don't want to live a pedestrian life; I look at those middle aged people earning their living from Walmart, and I think, "what a nightmare." That's not gonna be me.

I also love martial arts. I should have mentioned that earlier because it's a key facet of my identity. I have practiced a mixed style of martial arts for eight years now.

What else? I am interested in Parkour. I also love Jrock and the bands Kagrra, Girugamesh, GO!GO!7188 and Anna Tsuchiya.

In this journal, you'll find some updates about my personal life, although my main use for Live Journal is to keep up to date with different news and interest groups.

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