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A giant JRock festival organized by Yoshiki of XJapan and 4 Fini is hitting the West Coast at the Wiltern Theater in L.A. on May 25 and 26. Nine different bands are being imported from Japan for a Jrock invasion. The bands are Alice Nine, Vidoll, DuelJewel, Kagrra, Miyavi, Despairs Ray, Merry, Girugamesh and MUCC. Tickets go on sale on the 21 of April. They can be purchased through Ye Ole' Ticket Master.

I AM GOING! I vowed a long time ago that should Kagrra, come to the US, that I would not let God, Ragnorok, work, school, my financial situation or terrorists stand in my way! Come with if you are interested!!!

More info can be found here...

...and here...

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The Game:
If any game had the potential to push me into buying a Playstation 3, it would be Tekken 6.  I am sooooo excited!  There's gonna be an insane amount of characters, over two new characters, an enormous amount of freedom alotted to customizations, and general awesomeness!  Overall he game  will be much more realistic and all of teh characters move sets will be updated.  Hawt!

The Movie
In other news, I am less excited for the Tekken live action movie slated for 2009.  Uuuuuh, *shudder*.  It sounds like the producers are really gonna ass rape this one.  Hopefully not, but they probably will.  The story is about how Jin enters the Tekken tournament to bury his Demons, but he is followed by his friend, a "rebel monk named Zhen" who is determined to help't that Ling Xiaoyu's job??  And who the fuck is Zhen???  He's not in the game...apparantly Zhen is Jin's new best, it's very weird.  Oh yeah, Zhen and Jin later discover that the Tekken Corporation which is responsible for hosting the tournaments has a dark secret.

In the Tekken games, the Tekken tournament is hosted by the leader of the Tekken Zaibatsu financial corporation, the leader usually being Heihachi Mishima.  Publicly, the company and it's fortune are used as bait to attract the world's best martial artists, but in reality, the tournament is a means of luring Heihachi's son (Kazuya) and grandson (Jin) out of hiding, so that he can acquire their "devil gene" which allows them to transform into powerful demons.  Heihachi wants to use this gene to become the "God of Fighting."  I once read in an interview that instead of using the "devil gene" as a basis for hosting the tournament, the producers were going to use the tournament as a testing grounds for the company's

Don't do drugs kid.

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Apartment search, licenses, concerts, sisters...

Long time, no updates. Blah. Here is a list of my latest thoughts:

Apartment search

Apartment search
So the apartment search has begun! Ahh, I'm so excited! I have decided to forgo the wisdom of finding a room mate. College students move around a lot, and I don't want to be stuck scrambling to find a room mate. Unfortunately, with our combined resources, a room mate and I would be able to rent a much better apartment than what I could find alone.

Still more important is the fact that I need to start my job search first. I am still waiting for the friendly people at the state to decide to give me my state license. I won't even go into how retarded this process is...wait...yes I will. So I had my liability insurance provider send the state a copy of my insurance - twice. One was in late January, another time was in late February/early March. The state said that the information provided by my insurance company was not sufficient as it lacked vital information such as: "proof that the policy was in my name," "dates of coverage," "amount of coverage provided," etc., etc. What???? Well, I have been working on getting that all sorted out. I mean, what the hell was my insurance company sending them?? Seeeeriously. Bitches.

I'm going to see the Deftones and Dir en grey in concert in Milwaukee!! Dir en grey's opening for the Deftones. I'm sooo excited ^-^

I am fairly disconnected from my sisters. That's right, "sisters" in the plural. The fact that you may not have known that I have more than one sister should attest to that statement. To clarify things, I have two sisters. My elder sister is 16 months older than me; she is 21 and lives in Milwaukee. We never really had a deep relationship. I hear that she really used to love me when we were babies, but then something happened and we started hatin on each other. In our later teens/early adult years, we stopped fighting, but we didn't bond. Not really. The deepest conversation that we ever had went along the lines of, "You should see this movie, it's funny." I see her for a couple minutes every month. My younger sister is the daughter of my father and my step mom, making her my half sister. She lives with my dad in South Carolina; she's a very righteous 9 year old. I don't even know how old she is unless I stop to do some math and consider the month that we're in. I see her one week out of the year.

So that's me and my sisters. I made a daring move today. I attempted my sister (the oldest one). That's right, I used the "B" word in the same sentence as the word "sister." We'll see how that goes. I'm not sure what we'll do...
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State Test

Today I took my state test for massage therapy (and passed). Hooray! Now all I have to do is sit back and a spider in it's web...mwahahahaha~ (jk). But seriously, this is pretty awesome.

Speaking of creepy, crawly things, I saw a fly outside today! It was dead, with it's feet frozen into the ice on my walkway. Where the f*** did that thing come from?? I mean, it's been blizzarding all this past week. Even when we had the minor thaw, it didn't get warm enough for insects to begin hatching. Weeeeird. So there we have it - spring is dead on my walkway
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The News

Thank you Fox 6 for keeping me updated on the most important and breaking news stories.  Tonight's programming contained a small update on a guy who was arrested for breaking and entering after busting into his neighbor's house with a sword because he thought a woman was being raped.  Turned out his neighbor was just watching porn really loudly.  The neighbor's pressing charges, but I think that he should just be greatful that there are people in the world who are willing to do that, and next time, he should turn down his porn.  Speaking of breaking and entering, a man was just arrested for breaking and entering, and later claimed that he was a werewolf.  Special.
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I have come to the conclusion that nothing will get between a person and their massage. Nope, nope; massage is like body-crack. Flood warnings, blizzards, ice storms, tornado warnings - it matters not; people will always find a way to get their massage. "Tornado?" they say. "-fuck that! I'm gonna die happy!" (and naked).

It's 8:45 now and the snow has been relentless today. The roads are slick, and there are many a cars in the ditch. I actually am retarded and managed to get my car stuck in the huge snow drift at the end of my driveway while I was trying to get to work this afternoon. Luckily for me, some nice lady and a few of the local wiggers helped push me out.

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Weird Dreams

I've been having a lot of really weird and vivid dreams of lately. Like, damn! A large quantity of my dreams involve people from my martial arts school. Just last night, I had two or threedreams. In my first dream, I was driving to Madison, but I accidentally got onto I-94 E instead of I-94 W. I drove all the way to Milwaukee and decided to visit Amber and company for a little bit instead of turning around right away since I was already there. Amber wanted to go somewhere and told me that I couldn't bring my car, I had to take a ride from her and that she wouldn't give me a ride back, so I jumped out of her moving vehicle (which was strangely an old maroon van) and ran back to my car.

My car was on Empty and I really had to get into Madison so I went to a gas I get to the gas station, it is worth mentioning to any one who plays Tenchu that me and Rikimaru were waiting in the middle of some side street trying to cross traffic like a bad game of Frogger. Well, finally we get across. I don't know what happened to Rikimaru, but I made it to a very ghetto gas station. There were a bunch of people from my martial arts class pumping gas. By my gas pump, there was a skirt and an electronic sign that read something like, "Things that are helpful when you're wearing a skirt." I flipped the skirt up, only to reveal a second skirt built in underneath the first skirt. This skirt differed from the first by design only. I flipped the second skirt up and there was a third skirt which was also alternately I flipped that skirt and there was a spare button ontop of a fourth skirt...I flipped that skirt - another spare button ontop of a fifth skirt! And then I flipped that skirt up, and there was coins??? So I flipped the sixth skirt up and there was a $10 bill and a pair of skorts underneath it all...weird...

So I went into the gas station with the $10 bill to pay for gas, but then the gas station turned into a grocery store. I went to the check out line, where Sensei and a few older students were standing in line playing with fake guns. Aparently if you unwrapped a king-sized candy bar, you got a toy gun (kinda like how you get toys in cereal boxes). The plastic guns shot out Swedish fish...but the Swedish fish weren't fish they were mini-Swedish guns...

Maybe it was a second dream, or maybe it was at the beginning of the previous dream, but I dreamed that it was summer outside. Inside by my kitchen table was a bunch of people from my karate studio playing some game of cards. My sister was holding my position for me. When I came back from where ever I had been, she handed me back my cards and left. I had no idea what was going on, so I picked a card at random from my deck and handed it to a guy to my right. We both looked at the card, and it didn't make any sense - it was a drawing of part of a face.

My second dream was also pretty damn weird and it also took place at a gas station. So it was night time and I was filling up my car. I went to pay for gas/to meet some one. Before I walked into the gas station, I understood with in my dream that there had been a minor car accident between someone I unaffectionately call my "stalker" (in real life) and an unnamed friend of mine. The two were going to be sitting down to have lunch and a discussion, but I don't remember why I was supposed to be meeting them. When I see them, my "stalker" and my friend are sitting at a booth. It is dark inside and no one is talking; my friend is drinking coffee and looking rather unamused. I look at my unnamed friend - they're not a friend at all. Instead, it was Lee Chaolan from the Tekken series, and as I understood it in my dream, he was my...maternal uncle?? That's not right...Anyhow, at that point in my dream, I wasn't questioning it. I was just glad that a male "relative" was there because I knew that my "stalker" would never say anything to me, mwahahaha.

Yep...that'ss that...
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Internet Weirdos version 2.0

I no longer accept penpal requests from males, hahaha. So there is a Japanese penpal sever that can be found on I joined a long while ago, and recently I updated my information because I am looking for some one from China for language exchange. I know that sounds weird, but on the Japanese penpal server, you can find people from pretty much every country in the world. Anyhow, when ever I get a penpal request from a guy, it's usually some one who (supposedly) lives in some strange middle eastern country that no one has ever heard of before or some one who lives in eastern Europe. Our conversations are bland due to the language barrier (ex.: "How's the weather?") and I never give out photos, but regardless, after about a week or so, they try to convince me that I'm their best friend, and try to tell me that I should come and visit them or that I should give them my address. Riiiight.

EDIT: So, the roads weren't as bad as I anticipated they'd be. There were some mini ponds, but with a little caution, trouble was avoidable. Anyhow, I had called into work this morning, though I did come in for a couple massages this afternoon. I wish that I'd come earlier for money's sake, but I was worried that with the constantly on-off snow/rain/slush that conditions would be worse.

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I might not have to come to work tomorrow due to the supposed blizzard comming our way.  Yay?  I don't want to lose out on the money....but it is a day off...but then again, I only work 20 hours/ week.  Doh!  Blahh...what a worthless post.