Sierra (_fubuki_) wrote,

Le pied

So my foot feels a lot better today.  The swelling has gone down, but I still can't put weight on my heel.  I went to the podiatrist today and had some X-Rays taken.  The heel isn't broken, so the doctor thinks that three things could have happened:<ol>
<li>I might have bruised a ligament.
<li>I might have bruised my calcaneus [the calcaneus is the fancy medical term for the heel bone]. 
<li>I might have a stress fracture.  </ol>

I didn't know that you could bruise a bone, but you can.  Apparently this is a precursor to a stress fracture.  The doctor says that it is too soon for a stress fracture to show up on an x-ray, so I have to go back in a few weeks for a check up.  In the meantime, he gave me some gel insoles for my shoes to relieve the stress of walking.  Also, he said that if I wanted to, I could get an ankle splint, but that seems like more of a hinderance.

Enough of my old lady whining.  Any one here listen to Bif Naked?  Jooooohn?  She's getting married!  Wow - go check out her myspace profile.

-Sierra you all realize that Boston Creme Pie is possibly the most orgasmic dessert ever baked by man?  Do you??

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