Sierra (_fubuki_) wrote,

Mime knife fighting.

Take a moment to clear your mind, and imagine the next line you read:

Mime knife fighting.

Ok, continuing, I'm out on my own now. Things are going questionably. I am chronically short on money, but that's expected. The problem is that I have to find yet another new job. There are a lot of new procedural changes underway that will be very costly to me - about $1000 costly after I apply for all of the new insurances and licensing that are now required to keep my job, plus the equiptment that I will have to buy. I could take out a small business loan to cover these expenses, but given my ultra part time status (less than 15 hours/week) and my obligations as a student, this would not be a very good move on my behalf.

So far, I am short on leads. One place is not hiring, another place is hiring, but they're looking for a massage therapist with a background in skin care (which I don't have). I haven't heard back from the third place, but I'm sure that they're not hiring either. There is one place that I have left to apply at, so good luck?? Now I just wait and bide my time. It's a waiting game now.

School is time consuming. I am in class 13 hours/week not to mention all of the studying that I have to do. I'm not sure if I am where I should be for some of my classes...I think I am, but I'm not sure. We'll see come first midterm, but I don't want to wait till then to find out that I've been doing something wrong, so I wrote my professor to see what's up.

Otherwise, everything is doing good.

Tags: kagrra

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