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Crazy Train

I decided something crazy last night. I decided to double major in both Chinese and Japanese, and to get a certificate, UW-Madison's equivalent of a minor, in International Relations. I know that this can be accomplished, but I'm not sure how. You see, the Chinese classes are held at the same time as the Japanese classes. I will sort this out with the head of the Japanese department who bares a freakish resemblance to my late maternal grandmother, by the way. In the meanwhile, I have signed up for the "Elementary Japanese" course. I like to call it "Japanese for retards." Just kidding, "Elementary Japanese" is probably the equivalent of one semester of high school Japanese where as a semester of the regular "Japanese 101" would be equivalent to a year of high school Japanese.

A lot of you have read through my really boring and whiny posts of uncertainty about my chosen major and my future. The truth is, every time that I thought about my major: Chinese and International Relations, I would think: What the fuck?? What the fuck am I doing? My new plan of action makes much happier. Furthermore, I dropped my Economics class to save time. I like that part of my plan too. I feel much better now. I'm not sure how everything will work itself out, so we'll see where things go.


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