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Once again, I have neglected my livejournal account!

Let me start by covering the loose ends of my last blog: JRock Revolution was fabulous.  Although it would be best if I wrote a report on the event from my point of view for my own memory's sake, a lot of people have already covered the event far better than me, so I won't bother. Anyhow, at the event, I "discovered" a really kick ass new band called Girugamesh.  If you like Dir en grey, you will probably like Girugamesh.  Speaking of Diru, my friends and I went to see Dir en grey in concert with the Deftones the other night.  That was also good...no - it was excellent as I was in the third row of people. 

It seems like there is a giant JRock explosion occuring right now, and I'm glad that I can be a part of it.  I've been listening to a lot of music of lately.  I've actually become somewhat obsessive, haha.  That's ok, music is my drug of choice, and if I had more financial freedom, I'd proabbly O.D.

Back in the real world, I will be testing for my black belt soon.  Ah!  Can't wait.  As far as martial arts go, a belt is not really important to me.  A belt signifies that you have reached a certain level in ability, skill sets and experience, but a belt doesn't make you skilled, talented or qualified any more than wearing skater brand clothing will make you Tony Hawk  It's the fact that my instructor is making the non-verbal statement that I am competent that makes me happy.  It's (almost) been eight years since I began, and despite the set backs, I've (almost) made it!

In two months, I'll be out on my own.  I'm so excited.  I pretty much can do as I please right now, buuuut my Mom *is* a mom, so I still have to answer to her...a lot.  Living on my own, I wouldn't have to make up lies and excuses for why I was out so late, who I was with, what we were doing or answer to anybody.  I'm not sure that I am financially ready, but that isn't important: I already signed a lease, and I have already signed up for courses at the college.  Truthfully, my apartment (with all utilities included) is the same price of a dorm, only it's nicer, it's bigger, I don't have to share it with any one, the walls are sound proofed, and I get my own kitchen and bathroom.  If worse comes to worse, I might have to take out some extra student loans to cover my living expenses, but it does't really matter any ways, now does it?  Because if I lived in a dorm, I'd have to do the same thing any way.  Commuting is NOT an option either.  Right now, I am commuting to work, and it is a killer financially and time wise.

When I move to my apartment before school begins, I'm going to party every Tuesday night at Club 5...and it will be amazing.  I am also going to relish every moment of my new surroundings and explore my little city, finding all of the head shops and fetish shops, and if I can, I'm going to eat at all the ethnic restaurants that we don't have where I live.  There's a Hamaican retsaurant, Indian, Arabic, African food....excellent.  I want to try it all.

Ah, it's getting late.  Later!