Sierra (_fubuki_) wrote,

Eventful Events

Today I went up to Madison to check out apartments and to apply for jobs. I will skip over the disappointments as they are no longer important.

My apartment: I have signed a lease to rent an efficiency in the Mansion Hill area. Walking, the lake, a park and a grocery store are all only a few minutes away, and so is most of the action of Madison. The capital building can't be more than 5 minutes away, driving. The overall area is very beautiful. The house that my efficiency is in is really lovely and old fashioned, though it will look much nicer once all of the remodeling has been finished this summer. The efficiency itself is also nice. It has a large, well-lit, living area with a bay window. The kitchen is smallish, but for an efficiency, I guess that is ok; it is big enough to cook in, which is more than I can say for most of the places that I looked at. The bathroom is small as well, but I only need to do so much in there. The price is $550/mo, all utilities included.  Unfortunately, I can't bring my cats - they'll have to stay at home with my mom.

I also have a job interview with William Jon Salon on University Ave. tomorrow at noon. I am surprised at how quickly I was offered an interview. I am also going to drop off my resume at Cameo Spa and Salon tomorrow. It's right across the street from the capital building. It's a really fancy salon, with high-tipping clientele. I bet lots of government people and such go in there.


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