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Long time, no updates. Blah. Here is a list of my latest thoughts:

Apartment search

Apartment search
So the apartment search has begun! Ahh, I'm so excited! I have decided to forgo the wisdom of finding a room mate. College students move around a lot, and I don't want to be stuck scrambling to find a room mate. Unfortunately, with our combined resources, a room mate and I would be able to rent a much better apartment than what I could find alone.

Still more important is the fact that I need to start my job search first. I am still waiting for the friendly people at the state to decide to give me my state license. I won't even go into how retarded this process is...wait...yes I will. So I had my liability insurance provider send the state a copy of my insurance - twice. One was in late January, another time was in late February/early March. The state said that the information provided by my insurance company was not sufficient as it lacked vital information such as: "proof that the policy was in my name," "dates of coverage," "amount of coverage provided," etc., etc. What???? Well, I have been working on getting that all sorted out. I mean, what the hell was my insurance company sending them?? Seeeeriously. Bitches.

I'm going to see the Deftones and Dir en grey in concert in Milwaukee!! Dir en grey's opening for the Deftones. I'm sooo excited ^-^

I am fairly disconnected from my sisters. That's right, "sisters" in the plural. The fact that you may not have known that I have more than one sister should attest to that statement. To clarify things, I have two sisters. My elder sister is 16 months older than me; she is 21 and lives in Milwaukee. We never really had a deep relationship. I hear that she really used to love me when we were babies, but then something happened and we started hatin on each other. In our later teens/early adult years, we stopped fighting, but we didn't bond. Not really. The deepest conversation that we ever had went along the lines of, "You should see this movie, it's funny." I see her for a couple minutes every month. My younger sister is the daughter of my father and my step mom, making her my half sister. She lives with my dad in South Carolina; she's a very righteous 9 year old. I don't even know how old she is unless I stop to do some math and consider the month that we're in. I see her one week out of the year.

So that's me and my sisters. I made a daring move today. I attempted to....bond...with my sister (the oldest one). That's right, I used the "B" word in the same sentence as the word "sister." We'll see how that goes. I'm not sure what we'll do...


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Apr. 9th, 2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
Good luck finding a roommate. I've never had luck with finding a roommate, so I just live alone (well, mostly alone, seeing as my boyfriend's here all the time, heh).

So sorry to hear about your troubles with licenses and such. But it's awesome that you get to see Dir en grey! I was going to be able to see them, but they're not touring with the Deftones when they come through New Mexico, and I really don't feel like going all the way to Denver to see them again. >.> Not to mention the fans in Denver are crazy... T_T

I hope you got the letter I sent you! Not too sure, seeing as how I never know if my school's post office is reliable or not...
Apr. 12th, 2007 03:50 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm really going back and forth between getting a room mate and not getting a room mate...um...I just want my cats to come with, hahaha. Buuuut, I can't wait tosee Dir en Grey, ad I also hear that Despairs Ray is hitting up the Chicago area in July. I might be able to mak ethat...maybe, just maybe...

Now is the part where I must regrettably inform you: I did recieve your letter, but I lost it, and I was too embarassed to tell you! :( I stowed it away for safe keeping before I had the chance to read it, and then when I had time, and went to get it...it was gone. I couldn't find it - it was pretty weird. I think the gnomes took it...


At any rate, my appologies!
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