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Weird Dreams

I've been having a lot of really weird and vivid dreams of lately. Like, damn! A large quantity of my dreams involve people from my martial arts school. Just last night, I had two or threedreams. In my first dream, I was driving to Madison, but I accidentally got onto I-94 E instead of I-94 W. I drove all the way to Milwaukee and decided to visit Amber and company for a little bit instead of turning around right away since I was already there. Amber wanted to go somewhere and told me that I couldn't bring my car, I had to take a ride from her and that she wouldn't give me a ride back, so I jumped out of her moving vehicle (which was strangely an old maroon van) and ran back to my car.

My car was on Empty and I really had to get into Madison so I went to a gas station....um...before I get to the gas station, it is worth mentioning to any one who plays Tenchu that me and Rikimaru were waiting in the middle of some side street trying to cross traffic like a bad game of Frogger. Well, finally we get across. I don't know what happened to Rikimaru, but I made it to a very ghetto gas station. There were a bunch of people from my martial arts class pumping gas. By my gas pump, there was a skirt and an electronic sign that read something like, "Things that are helpful when you're wearing a skirt." I flipped the skirt up, only to reveal a second skirt built in underneath the first skirt. This skirt differed from the first by design only. I flipped the second skirt up and there was a third skirt which was also alternately designed...so I flipped that skirt and there was a spare button ontop of a fourth skirt...I flipped that skirt - another spare button ontop of a fifth skirt! And then I flipped that skirt up, and there was coins??? So I flipped the sixth skirt up and there was a $10 bill and a pair of skorts underneath it all...weird...

So I went into the gas station with the $10 bill to pay for gas, but then the gas station turned into a grocery store. I went to the check out line, where Sensei and a few older students were standing in line playing with fake guns. Aparently if you unwrapped a king-sized candy bar, you got a toy gun (kinda like how you get toys in cereal boxes). The plastic guns shot out Swedish fish...but the Swedish fish weren't fish they were mini-Swedish guns...

Maybe it was a second dream, or maybe it was at the beginning of the previous dream, but I dreamed that it was summer outside. Inside by my kitchen table was a bunch of people from my karate studio playing some game of cards. My sister was holding my position for me. When I came back from where ever I had been, she handed me back my cards and left. I had no idea what was going on, so I picked a card at random from my deck and handed it to a guy to my right. We both looked at the card, and it didn't make any sense - it was a drawing of part of a face.

My second dream was also pretty damn weird and it also took place at a gas station. So it was night time and I was filling up my car. I went to pay for gas/to meet some one. Before I walked into the gas station, I understood with in my dream that there had been a minor car accident between someone I unaffectionately call my "stalker" (in real life) and an unnamed friend of mine. The two were going to be sitting down to have lunch and a discussion, but I don't remember why I was supposed to be meeting them. When I see them, my "stalker" and my friend are sitting at a booth. It is dark inside and no one is talking; my friend is drinking coffee and looking rather unamused. I look at my unnamed friend - they're not a friend at all. Instead, it was Lee Chaolan from the Tekken series, and as I understood it in my dream, he was my...maternal uncle?? That's not right...Anyhow, at that point in my dream, I wasn't questioning it. I was just glad that a male "relative" was there because I knew that my "stalker" would never say anything to me, mwahahaha.

Yep...that'ss that...