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I'm moving...

So, not so long ago I made a long boring post about how I didn't think I could attend Madison unless my mom moved in that direction....

Then not so long after that I made another long boring post about how I could make it on my own...

And now I'm making a pointless post to summarize both of those thoughts...

As things go, my mom's still determined to move towards Madison to help me, but truthfully, I think that she just doesn't want to let go of me. I on the other hand am increasingly enjoying the idea of moving out into the city. It just seems so pointless that my mom should move away from every one and every thing she knows for one daughter...

Familiarity: As before, I'm worried that my mom will be lonely. With school, martial arts and work, I'll rarely be home. When I am home, I'll be doing homework and studying, so I won't really be home if you know what I mean. This is just going to be super depressing for my mom, and I still have to make time for my friends. She's gonna move all that way for me, and then she'll never see me.

Travel time: The place where we would move would only be ~25 minutes closer to the university, and when all's said and done, both my mom and I would be disadvantaged: I would still have a 40 minute ride to the campus, and my mom would now have a 30 minute ride to Delafield (vs 15 minutes now) and 1hour+ ride to Milwaukee (vs 45 minutes). What I'm saying is, instead of just majorly sucking for one of us, it's going to suck pretty good for the both of us (travel-wise) if we do this.

Transportation: If I lived in the city, I would just sell my car. That will suck, but that's why taxis, buses, rental cars and friends exist ^_- I've decided that what it would cost me to own a car, pay for insurance, be able to afford gas and increased upkeep due to extensive traveling would be equivalent to what it would cost me to live in an apartment with a room mate...maybe living on my own would be a little more expensive, but not by too much. Besides, I'm still less likely to wreck the car when I don't have a car to wreck^_-

I would just prefer to live on my own. I'm gonna start applying for jobs in June. I'll see what happens with that. If I get a sweet deal, I might get to be on my own. Now I gotta talk my mom out of moving. Every time I try to do that, she tells me that she doesn't want me to be saddled with bills, but I'm going to have bills pretty equally either way. Now it's just a matter of convenience...

~Grosses Bisses~




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Feb. 12th, 2007 05:51 am (UTC)
Wow. So, when are you planning on moving? Should I hold off on sending letters until you get settled somewhere else, or...?

It is a little much for your mother to be moving out to another city altogether just to help you with college. I know she doesn't want you to be saddled with bills, but eventually you'll have to get used to something like that out on your own. That, and seeing how busy you're going to be, I really think she would get really lonely and plausibly regret moving out there, and that would be a huge stress on you, too.

Maybe you're just going to have to sit down and talk to her seriously about this. It can't just be her making things easy on you with her making things incredibly difficult on herself... it's nice, but it's just not right...
Feb. 12th, 2007 09:53 am (UTC)
Moving out is not an easy matter, you should talked more often about how it will be. Making it reality needs lots of communication between you and your surrounding (family and friends). Well best wishes to all you will do and i'll be waiting for the news ^^.
Feb. 12th, 2007 07:30 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, thank you. Yes, this will be hard...but necessary :(
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