October 19th, 2007

Sierra the Shinobi

Condensed version of the past week.

Feel the Fiesta!

So I was making tacos last night, and as I was reaching for my Taco Bell brand taco sauce, I caught a glimpse of an interesting slogan on the lid. It read: "Feel the fiesta!" Hmmmmm...no thanks. I tried to ponder the different meanings of "Feel the fiesta!" but ultimately that that sounds like something that will involve a lot of peptobismal, a lot of toilet paper, and a visit to the doctor's office.

So then I was flipping through The Onion when I caught an add that should please all y'all JRockers in and around town. Melt Banana will be playing at the High Noon Saloon (located at 701A E. Washington Ave., Madison) at 9:00PM on Wednesday, October 24th. It will be $10-$12 to get in, and it's an 18+ show. That's the second JRock band that I know of who has come through Wisconsin in the past month. The other band was Peelander Z. I didn't go to that show; Peelander Z is a little too ridiculous for me. More JRock, Pleeeease!

You know, ever since I came back from California, I've had so-Cal fever. I just want to run away to California, all though I hate to admit it given that those people are already self righteous bastards, haha. It's only gonna get worse this winter. I keep listening to the song, "Heinrich Manuever" by Interpol.

"...How are things on the west coast?
Yeah, but you're an actress and I don't identify.
Today my heart swings
Yeah, today my heart swings..."

Ahhhh, one day. Come, friends! Let's all run away to California together! Just kidding. I really want to go for an extended visit though.

I am going to meet my language exchange partners today. YaY!
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