January 25th, 2007

Sierra the Shinobi

No car.

No big news, I just don't have a car for the next few days. Blaaah. I wanted to go into town and check out the stationary, art supplies and such, but no hinderance: such are the marvels of the world wide web.

The story is this: my sister left her car in a parking lot in down town Milwaukee over night. This was a very, very stupid thing to do because my sister knows that cars frequently get broken into in that parking lot. Her car didn't get broken into, but some body in a larger vehicle did back into/over the front of her car, and now, it is in the shop. Because I currently don't have a job to drive to in the mornings, my sister is using my car. I hope she doesn't make any more retarded decisions regarding my car...like accumulating parking tickets issued for *my* car because she doesn't want to pay a couple bucks to park. Uhhh *forhead slap.* This wasn't my decision.

Well, later!

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