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what it's about.

Asmodeus, the Demon of Lechery
26 December
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'28 days later', 'queer eye', 'whose line', 80's metallica, a clockwork orange, adult swim, alcohol, alfred hitchcock, all that remains, angels and demons, aqua teen hunger force, arch enemy, art, as i lay dying, at the gates, avenged sevenfold, balloons, bardstown road, being agnostic, black eyed peas, black sabbath, black zipup hoodies, blindside, bob marley, bowling, canadians, captain jack sparrow, cereal, comedy central, darkrooms, dave navarro, dogma, donnie darko, dracula, dragons, dream theater, edgar allan poe, edgeland, edward scissorhands, enemy of the buzz, english grammar, explodingdog, explosions, finding nemo, fire, fireworks, from hell, full moons, gilligan's island, gothic romanticism, guitar, guns n' roses, heine bros, hot hot heat, hp lovecraft, iceland, in flames, incubus, invader zim, iron maiden, jane's addiction, janet jackson, jay and silent bob, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, jolly roger, jones soda, kids with sticks, killswitch engage, laughing at stupid people, law and order:svu, laying down knowledge, leonardo da vinci, lord of the rings, louis armstrong, metal, mitch hedberg, monks, monty python, music, mythical creatures, mythology, nordic countries, office space, opeth, oreo cheesequake blizzards, outkast, ozzy osbourne, paganism, penn station, philosophy, photography, piercings, pirates, pockets, qdoba, ray charles, red bull, red hot chili peppers, rise against, road signs, robot wars, running, samurai jack, sarcasm, saturday night live, scarface, school buses, se7en, self inflicted vandalism, sepultura, sex and the city, shadows fall, sigur ros, slacking off, slash, slayer, soccer players, sonic the hedgehog, sparta, stargazing, stars, steven king, stevie wonder, tattoos, teen girl squad, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the beatles, the black dahlia murder, the brave little toaster, the brothers grimm, the da vinci code, the dark tower series, the evil dead, the nightmare before christmas, the snitch, the tumblebus, the untouchables, the writing scar, thunderbirds, tim burton, trogdor, two minutes lost, velvet revolver, vincent van gogh, warm weather, water, wheatables, will and grace, woodland creatures