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The Frog Diaries

This is the story of Melody Nelson...

19 August

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Name: You can call me Ms Froggy :P
Age: 18
Favourite Colour: Pink. Or green. Or turquoise.
Favourite Food: Pasta and Chocolate. Together.

My LJ is friends only, but if you're interested, leave a comment, I'm usually pretty leniant!


Big thanks to all my darlings who wrote such beautifully honest descriptions of me!


"An amusing livejournal user. Fond of long entries and sarcastic comments. An excellent and entertaining read for all. Very friendly and welcoming."


"Well my take is that this girl is a strongly opinionated young woman, with a bright future ahead in which ever direction she decides to travel. She is vibrant and energetic and I don't think there's much that you could not over come when you put your mind to it. I think a few people may quivver in this girls presence in the future. Much love you my Snoopy"


"I like your entries, they are interesting and you seem a very interesting person from them! And YOU TYPE IN PROPER ENGLISH TOO!!! You should see some of the things I read on my F-list...jesus!"


"Froggy has a special place in my heart as one of my virtual daughters (she knows why), her entries make me laugh. I love it when she whores new make up/styles."


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^^^^Awww! Thanks! Love you :D

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User Number: 2161555
Date Created:2004-02-09
Number of Posts: 484

Froggy is an excitable and opinionated youth and can be found in her usual habitat, her computer desk. She enjoys listening to music and her greatest achievment is stealing a drum-stick from a band who don't have drums.
Strengths: Friendly, easy to please, razor sharp talons
Weaknesses: Brian Molko and chocolate. Will implode with glee at the sight of the two combined.
Special Skills: Hitler of the grammar world, can make a mean Carbonara.
Weapons: Sharp teeth, horns, rear kick for double damage
Human worth: $1,763,856.07

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