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Your Cute
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February 28th, 2005 at 6:42am]
_lovedefined. *

Last time I announce.

Remove me here ;)
Mauled Him

Its a Wrap!! [Saturday
February 26th, 2005 at 8:41am]
RIP -- FRESHTWODEATH...I'm so G O N E. I Need some Privacy. :x Sooo I movved!... Find me. [I added most everyone I wanted to already]

- Don't forget to get your Fan signs in the last entry.

Me & Terrance = All good now. I called him last night & we talked. & Made up. The End.

- Dee

o09-- Will Never Conquer Love [Friday
February 25th, 2005 at 5:48pm]
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+ I'm so fucking pissed at Terrance. We had an arguement in his car last night cause i wasn't down with giving him some head? What is that!? BULLSHIT Psh & He had the nerve to hit me? . I was like "Let Me out this fucking car". He wouldn't at first, He was like "Nawh, Just let me take you home, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, blah blah". Fuck that. You Hit me, Its over? I'm not even wasting time. I tried to make it work but dudes only want sex. But Dude, We were like 1000 miles from my house mann. It was so cold. I was crying. I started walking but i didn't really know where i was going? So I sat there on this park bench for a moment. I didn't have my cell phone or nothing. But yeah, I stopped & rested and then kept walking. I was like in a bad neighborhood too. Dudes like "Ey lil mama" and shit. That annoys the hell outta me. I won't respond. Whatever. But I bummed a ride, it took 45 minutes to get back to my grandmom's house. Then slept over there & went to work for 3 hours [yea.]. I couldn't go home cause I know my momma woulda been pissed beyond pissed at me. my left eye is like reddish, She woulda been tripping & asking questions & crying & worrying about me. I can't have that.

+ I told myself, I'm Thru with love. There's no such thing. I'm convinced. I should be focus on school. On myself more. On my future. Not on men. Someone shoulda gave me that memo the second I started dating.

+ I hate my 'Baby Daddy' too[ek. That word sounds so 'ghetto' to me!] I tried to call him up & see if he wanted to see my baby in the new 4d ultrasound pics or whatever & he was so nonchalant. He's like "yehh". I'm like "Well, I know the sex". & He's like "oh". So I was like "They changed my due date" & He's like "k". Then i was like "Well, I got a name in mind" & he's like "cool". UGH!!! ONE WORD RESPONSE! UGHH! shit. If you heard his tone of voice, you'd wanna kick his ass, seriously. Whatever mann. I was like "Well Whats good? You're acting like a jerk. Why you aint talking?". & He was like "Oh, cause my girl is over here....". MKAY, but I'm more important than her dammit! I'm the one who you gotta put up with for the remainders of your patehtic life [If I don't shoot him first] ;x

+ Christina came and chilled with me after I called her crying hysterically [Something I seldomn Do. My emotions I don't show often. Bottle them up]. We were watching DEFJAM [Comedy]. I was rolling mann [Not literally]. Shit was cracking me up. We kept looking at each other + Cracking up. The highlight of my day. Laughing.
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001-- Its Locked up!!! [Monday
January 24th, 2005 at 10:57am]
[ mood | So Super Duper Fly!!! ]

This Fire is Outa Control ; We're gonna burn this city +

Want VIP Access?
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