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i havent posted in a long ass time.. guess i should say a few things that has happened

gc concert--- met the love of my life.... benji was beyond awesome... i think i weirded him out a little but i had joel laughing his ass off the whole 30 minutes i chilled with them ( they are fucken awesome guys and if anyone rags on them any more then fuck you)
hair-- black and pink bitches.. hott as hell.. and cut short.. been told i look like ashley simpson without her nose... heh
warped-- aug 8.. gonn be awesopme with my back stage passes

gotta go.. who knows when i'll update again

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hypocrites.... that's all i really have to say..

new job starts monday.. grrreat... i get to start a minimum wage again..

people really piss me off... i NEVER called myself punk.. i like the music... the lifestyle.. the style.. that's all i fucken said.. punk is dead... the true punk rockers were in the 80'2.. way before all these other mother fuckers who claim they are punk were even born.. so to all of the people who were talking shit and who doesn't know anything about me.. go to hell... and then some one has the nerve to say something about my parents? apparently they weren't loved as a child.. sorry that i actually have a relationship with my parents because i'm not a little fuckn whore who thinks she knows everything.. god people once again piss me off. check out the comments even though i deleted some of them.. well i'm out..

no moer fucken drama.. i hate it

people actually had the nerve to even go to myspace and look me up.. so they know how old i am.. wtf

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i...need...a...strapless bra....

very random.. but that's how i like it..

codi has been getting my angry.. i'm glad she doesnt have a livejournal and she doesnt know that i have one.. but she has been ditching me for lance.. it pisses me off... she's suppose to be my bestfriend.. but you know what? whatever.. i dont care anymore.. 13 days til noise to the world.... *cheers* where's my long lost twin sister at?

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