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"How many lumps of sugar does it take to get to the moon?"

Hmm... well, two months have passed since my last update, and MAN has a lot happened! So! Let's back up for a moment to March:

Several important events took place this month, which should have been written down RIGHT AWAY. But I'm stupid and lazy, so you'll learn to deal.
First off, I actually, finally made a totally awesome friend out here in the desert (Yay! Amanda!)who totally gets all my fangirly obsessions and doesn't think I'm too psychotic! And c'mon. Anyone who I can talk to about all my band obsessions for hours on end and wont get fed up with me is pretty much amazing.

For St. Pattie's Day, there was a big fashion show/luncheon that I somehow got suckered into, and had to walk the runway with Marisa (in one of her dresses, no less)and was absolutely terrified! Somehow I pulled it off and survived long enough to make it back so safe, safe backstage, where I collapsed in a shuddering mess of "What was I thinking!??"

Shortly after, Dir en Grey would be completing their first US tour at the Wiltern in LA, and Amanda had tickets! When I was invited to go, I remember being in a state of total shock, then exploding into a fangirly explosion of... I dunno, hyper goo... or something. I vaguely recall grabbing Mom and yelling "OH MY GOD, I'm going to see Kyo in REAL LIFE!!" then running off squeeing down the hall. And oh, what a concert it was! While waiting for Diru to come out, Amanda and I were practically having seizures. If it'd taken any longer to set up, I think we would have died of heart attacks!

We screamed so loud that night, I was surprized I could speak the next day! I ended up buying t-shirts, DVDs and posters (ahh, concert goods!)

Things at work only got better in March- I got my very first raise! And an offer to become a full-time employee after I finished school. I'm also taking on more responsibilities now, and am learning a lot more!

The final main event of March would have to be a new addition to the family: my rabbit, Chester. His full name is *ahem* Winchester Roderick Bernard Von Du Belvedere XVII.
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April was a little less eventful, but still had spring break (which I had terrible allergies the whole time and ended up getting an ear infection x.x;;) But over the break, I started-- and finished-- Kingdom Hearts II. DAMN that was a good game! Krista stole it away from me as soon as I finished and she too couldn't put it down- she beat it in just over 2 weeks.

Cara's birthday was this month, and I went down to Huntington for 4 days- two of which I got to stay at Cara's, and then on Monday, I tagged along to school with everyone. School's a lot more fun when you're a guest who doesn't have to do anything!!

While I was down, I finally bought House of Leaves, which I've been DYING to read FOREVER! We all geeked around at the bookstore for hours, and as usual, I bought several books and a handful of manga. It's the Bookstore Curse(tm)- I can't go into a bookstore and not buy something. Or lots of things, as is usually the case.

Today was, of coarse, Mom's Birthday, and Krista spent the whole day cooking cakes, etc while I spent the whole day at work and putting out kitchen fires in-between. Over all, it was a pretty good day, although I hope that eventually the kitchen will stop smelling like... well.. burned things.

Well! I've got only tonight and tomorrow to try and finish 2 weeks worth of homework, so I'd better go! This successfully sums up my past few months- yay! (Aren't you glad it's over?)
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Wow! March already!

Been a while since I updated, and with this lovely quiz, I just couldn't resist!

Collapse )

So! A lot has gone one lately! Well.. at least since I last updated ^_~
Time always compresses in my head, so I don't know really how long ago it was, but I got to meet my new baby cousin, Jaden. She's my absolute favorite person in the whole wide world! And I decided that as soon as she's old enough, we'll both take over the world and be pirates. YES PIRATES. Because I said so.

I also decided that my super-cool Big-Cousin name will be Cousin Rin! And oh, what a great big cousin I shall be!

Umm... I also went to Little Tokyo in LA! Dad took me, and I got a really nifty fan!

Now I have something to dance with while watching my Kagrra, DVDs :D

I've recently downloaded the 30 day trial of Flash. OH MY GOD. I need this program like I need air! It's amazing liek woa!
There's plenty of interesting tutorials on animations, and I've learned some neat things-- but mostly it's just fun to doodle in it!

Here we see my character Firien... who really isn't emo at all, but for the sake of ART, I made it so :D

Aww, lookit his little emo hair clip~
Anyway. My recent obsession with Plastic Tree has resulted in my sad attempts to make wallpapers! Yay (feel honored! D<)
I made a few sad attempts... (shh! I don't make wallpapers!) Click for bigger ^^~
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And finally (for now at least! Bwahaha!) I've become obsessed with Gypsy music lately. This song really got me hooked, and I thought it deserved a special place on my LJ:
Mori Shej, Sabina<- link for downloading!

Well, that's all for now! Stay tuned for more junk from my life- coming soon to an LJ near you! Or...rather... near me >.>;;
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Ok, so I've got a lot of backlogging to do since so much has been happening lately, but c'mon, we know me, right?? I've found something far too amusing to pass up writing about, and so, everything else gets put off once again!

A chain letter from distressed friends pointed me towards http://www.bonsaikitten.com/.
After perusing the site and having a good laugh at the unfortunate missunderstanding, I decided it best to inform them of the hoax- but not before having another laugh at their responses to the email:
Collapse )
Makes you wonder if they even checked the site, don't it?

Yep guys, this is a tribute to you- I'll love you forever, my un-clever little monkeys. And yet I fear the next time I make a mistake like this, because I know you'll get back at me for posting this. Oh well, Corey, I owed you one anyway for that picture *shakes fists* now we're about even!!

I love my Bonsai Kitten!
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I can't believe it... but I did it!

Waghh! I can't believe I did this... but I'm really glad I did! One of my Christmas presents from mom was that I could do anything to my hair... ANYTHING. And so... I decided not to just do anything, but something drastic! And when I decide to do something drastic, I really do some damage... I now feel the need to post a picture of me, the way I was before:
Collapse )

may it be noted that my hair was actually not that red... I edited it on the computer *cough* but everything else except the stars under my eye is accurate ^^;

I don't have a new picture yet, but I went black. And I cut it. Short. Eeek, what was I thinking, right?? I was so nervous this morning when we were driving to the hair place, and almost called the whole thing off... But I'm so glad I decided to go through with it! It looks very cool.

It's actually not black black, but has very dark purple hi-lights. The thing I'm so not used to is the length! It's so short! But I'm glad because I've gotten many compliments on it.

Anyway, that's enough for my hair rant for now- I'll be posting pics as soon as I have tome to take some decent ones ^^
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Don't Stop The Radio

Luuu-cky! For once I have good luck! I found Kenichi Ito's "I" Novel ~Page 4~ for download! Considering it's nearly impossible to find Ken's stuff here in the states, I'm SO HAPPY! To celebrate, I decided to break out my Crazy Jet icon! Ken's pink guitar was awesome... *sniffle* while I love his solo career, I miss his Iceman days! I'll have to make a new solo!Ken icon soon... once I get better at icon-making >.>;;

Anyway! I've been jamming out all day- well, at least the part of my day that wasn't totally crazy that is!

A lot of stuff has been going on lately... it's been pretty stressful. Over the Thanksgiving break, we had to go on a motor-home trip with dad, his girlfriend, and his dog... it was NOT FUN. And Thanksgiving morning, before we'd left, the 6 month old puppy, Midge died. It really set the mood for the rest of the week. We were required to go on day-long excursions in the jeep that only sits 4 people- I rarely managed to get a seat- I had to sit squished up against the glass on the box above the tire, banging my head on the roof every time the car jerked. Which it did a lot, because he let his girlfriend drive. She's a bad driver. Not to mention that because of the lack of being allowed to stay in the motor-home AT ALL, I couldn't get any homework done the entire time.

I didn't get home until almost midnight Sunday, and had 2 days to do two weeks worth of homework. It was NOT FUN. This morning I was so stressed out, trying to finish last minute stuff in the car.

Somehow it all worked out, and when I got home from school, my lovely Kenichi single was waiting for me <3

Mom's pretty-much-boyfriend came over and brought burgers, and we played Soul Calibur II (I won, heh heh)So, it ended up being a good day, despite the craziness of this morning... Oop! I've got a Due le Quartz VHS ending on ebay soon! Since I'm the only one in my home who knows how to work ebay (come on people, it's not hard!) I got told to buy my christmas presents myself.

Oh well, don't stop that radio!
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New Jobs and Computer Troubles

A lot's been going on lately- first off I got hired at a website company! I'm pretty excited, and started work last Friday. They have me working on maintenance and updating the customer's websites, it's really pretty interesting, plus it's a great opportunity for me to really learn html. My first job, I'm so excited!!

On the other hand, I've been having computer troubles at home, and barely got any homework done this week for lack of the internet. I finally decided to start over and reformat the hard drive, but at the end, my disk drives weren't working, and I lost so many lovely things like my Kagrra, videos (Ihoukyou live!! whaaa~) At least I have a workable computer now though, and am keeping in mind the age old rule of "don't let anyone touch your computer- they're liable to screw it up."

Today was spent trying to get caught up in my homework, and tomorrow I'll have to finish it to go in on Friday. Hopefully next week will run more smoothly with a working computer and a normal working schedule, or so I can hope.

Anyway, I've continued my quest in catching up on neat Collapse )
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Catching Up

Well, you know all those quizzes I've been missing out on? I've been Collapse ) Collapse ).

Haven't been up to much lately, still haven't gotten around to scanning my pic-- although for once my extremely critical art teacher gave me praise, along with an A+.

Might be getting a job at a web design business, I'll hear more about that later this week. I'm pretty excited, and hope it works out.

In other news, I'm 1/2 way to affording the super-spiffy Miyako Live Limited Edition DVD- it comes with gorgeous photo-books and tons of extras! But Kagrra,'s new DVD, Unsanmushou, just released, and I'm trying to decide weather to get that instead... And then there's the San album in limited edition... kyaa! I can't decide! I really hope I get this job so I don't have to choose!!

More later, I'm too tired to keep going X_x;;
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Gods are frightening >.>;

Just exactly what I needed right now-- A new story idea has bitten me and wont let go, and what's worse; my main characters are gods. Well, fallen gods to be exact, but gods nonetheless. They seemed to think their story is most important and shoved all the others clear out of my head (Heey! No fair! I was finally being good and working on Rahka's story ;_;)

Kayroe (my lovely fallen god whom I can't decide if he's good, evil, or just misunderstood) also made an appearance in my art homework! The assignment this time around is actually somewhat decent- draw a spooky scene for Halloween including a skeleton and a skull, and whatever else we want. Of coarse Kayroe had to get in on it and I drew him standing on a pile of skulls, lording over a skeleton slave (bwahaha!) I'll scan the picture in once I get it turned in and graded... all I can say is: I want Kay's boots. I made them awesome.

*sigh* I'd better finish up my homework- Kays twin brother in begging to be drawn, but I can't do anything until I get this finished up...
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I live!

Wewt! After not updating LJ for... what? All summer? I'm not even sure how long it's been, and I'm far too lazy to go check...

However I do know that a LOT had changed since I last updated! For starters, we no longer have the labs, Conan and Cheza-- thank god, might I add. They were driving us all buggy! A friend of mom's took Cheza and absolutely loves her, and Conan found a home through a local lab rescue. Now we have our cuddly little Corgis and the old geezer retriever ^^ Life is much more peaceful now.

Well, I seem to have gotten myself into having hamsters again... wait, HOW did this happen again!?? Mom made the mistake of buying dog food at the pet store instead of at the grocery store, and saw two little hamsters that had been left by their previous owner and brought them home. I never really named them, but came to refer to them as the "nice one" and the "mean one." Shortly after, the Nice One died, and I got Zeke. The coolest hamster ever. Zeke lives in the cool hamster house with the running wheel and multi-color tubes, while the Mean One was banished to the old rat cage, where she grumps around and tries to bite me whenever I put food in >.>;;

With Halloween coming up, I'm trying to get my costume done in time, which isn't working out so well. I can't sew in a straight line to save my life, and being the perfectionist/obsessive compulsive person that I am, I'm sure you can get an idea of how distressing this is. But I refuse to ask for help! I want to do something on my own for once, even if I end up totally screwing it up! Yeah... pride issues... I need to work on those.

Well, in writing this I'm putting off doing homework, and since it's my last day before going in, I'd better finish up!
Hopefully I wont be lazy and will actually update more often; just don't bet on it ^^;
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