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04. Goodbye and Hello (Text)


Why'd you even bothering to come back, if you were just going to go and leave like that.

[Fred stares down at the words. She'd meant to filter them. Really, she did. But now that they're there, color and contrast and something substantial? She can't bring herself to take them away. It takes a while to move onto her next, more pressing task]

[Filtered to CLU]

Hi, I'm Fred. We should probably talk. Or meet. Or possibly both.

3. Good Morning [Text/Open]

Pancakes for breakfast, and downright friendly ones at that. Not that they're inherently rude to begin with, it wouldn't be proper to start the morning off like that. Still, these are just about perfect.

I think it's going to be a good day.

2. Inside Out [Video]

[The camera flips on to reveal a brunette, settled on to her bed with a single braid trailing down her back. Her knees are drawn up against her chest, and it's clear that instead of sleeping? She's been thinking. Her chin tilts, and she addresses the screen directly]

So there's this thing I do. In new places, or situations or when I don't exactly feel...

Well, I the point of it all is I know I've been hiding away in here. And also know that it's got to stop. There's only so much to do within these four walls without exploring a whole new kind of crazy. Or at the very least revisiting it, which I don't intend to do.

So...hello, alright? Hello. And -- goodnight?

[A smile, tentative and then growing wider]

I'll see you all in the morning.

0.01 -- Salutations [Video]

[There's the pop of a camera feed flickering on, and a woman sitting squarely in the center of the picture. Her long, brown hair is occupying itself around her shoulders in a energetic fashion she can't be bothered to maintain -- in the sense she hasn't really considered it at all. Just behind her is bedroom decorated in warm tones and dominated by a bed with a multi-colored quilt. It's comprised of dozens of small squares, all bits of fabric that suggest a care and history she couldn't have possibly had with this place yet]


[Fred pulls a face. She knows enough about first impressions to understand that is far from acceptable]

I'm Fred. [Of course that isn't any better. She settles on the idea of a smile, full and determined and cast directly at the camera] So this is new...

Only, new really isn't the right word is it? [An off-glance, as she seemingly takes stock of her surroundings again, and all in all seems to categorize them as fairly friendly] Not when you account for portals and hell dimensions and inter-dimensional, formerly evil law firms. And L.A. We should probably just go ahead and include that while we're at it, especially considering some of the things I ...

[She catches her own ramble]

And we're in space. Not just theoretically, 'what could possibly happen if' but actually, specifically space. It's not just math anymore. It's...

Different, then. [There's numbers. Calculations and formulas and physics and excitement. That she wears just about everywhere] This is different.

And I'm Fred.

[If her smile flickers into something a little more uncertain? It's no less determined. Until it fades, replaced by the same bright expression from before]


For Old Times Sake

The I'D HIT IT Meme



There are certain things that are inevitable within the worlds we inhabit. Interests will be born, even as others fade. Ideas will come and go. Friends will be born and sadly sometimes die. But in between? Through it all? There is the magnificent up and down and here and there and sideways of it all.

There is the written word.

What we share together. How we communicate. The ones that made us laugh and the ones that made us cry. The ones that kept us up until 4am. The ones that we thought about on the drive to work. That next sentence, that next thought, that next emotion. The journeys that are utterly unique to the people we took them with.

Some of us have been doing this for a long time now. We are not all friends with the people that we started some journeys with. Some we have grown into something deeper with, past the online world. Some? We have slipped into lovely, but casual acquaintances. Some we might not speak to at all.

But if you are like me?

You still revisit those journeys, those once upon a times.

So this is a request for everyone, out there to reflect back over their journeys and to make sure they are protected through the upcoming LJ purge. The memories attached to them should not matter, as much as they are simply, inherently memorable. Because not just journals are in danger, but communities as well. Communities that might hold entire bodies of work that are larger than any of us.

Please, those of us that were former moderators? Or have posting status? Protect what so much time and effort once went to create.

Because even if not all journeys linger?

The word should remain.

May. 7th, 2010

User Name/Nick:Megan (Megs)
User LJ: wishingwillow
Other Characters:None

Character Name:Winifred 'Fred' Burkle
Series:Angel the Series
Age: Apx 30 years of age (Accounting for the five years spent in Pylea and her graduate level education)
From When?: 'Life of the Party' - Season 5 (Around Halloween)

Inmate/Warden: Warden
Item: Blackberry -- The device of choice of employees of Wolfram&Hart

Abilities/Powers: Extremely Intelligent, Strong Survival Skills, Talented at Building/Creating complicated mechanical devices. However, she remains nothing more than human.

Personality: Fred is a complex blend of light and dark, and even though more attention is given to her lighter, brighter aspects -- it would do her a disservice to ignore the rest.

It is important to note that Fred had an extremely positive, stable childhood -- what many would identify as 'normal'. She had two present, loving parents that encouraged her growth and supported her decisions. From the choice to shorten her own name, to her ultimate choice to leave home to enter a graduate physics program in California. Partly from her own nature, but also from her home environment Fred places a high value on love and friendship. She is fiercely loyal to those she commits herself to, and views them as part of her chosen family. She would do anything for them.

Fred is also insanely curious -- sometimes to her own detriment. It is that curiosity that would ultimately contribute to her death. But before then it presents itself in other ways. In high school she gravitated towards complex conspiracy theories and explored illegal drugs. She feels compelled to touch and explore things, to know them for herself. She asks a great deal of questions -- both verbally and internally -- and is the sort who's mind never stops. She also enjoys building things with her hands, creating something that did not exist before. All this contributed to her changing her major from history to physics.

"I got lost. I got lost, and they did terrible things to me, but, but it was just a storybook. It was just a story with monsters, not real. Not in the world but - but if you're here and you see me then - then it's real! And it did happen. If you see what they made of me... I - I didn't mean to get so lost!"

Though Fred suffered some very real, very serious traumas in her time in Pylea, she ultimately survives them with her mind intact. This is a great testament to her strength. She was physically tortured there and forced into hard labor, and the horrors of her life there forced her to mentally withdraw for a while. Her life before became a fairy tale and place of forgotten words and names. While this allowed for her survival, it also painted the image of a girl that was seen to be delicate and in need of protection. But is cannot be forgotten that ultimately she is a survivalist. She hid bodies and foraged for food and and survived a life that killed countless others before her. There is a core strength that is important, and she survives with her ability to love intact. Though it takes some time to find herself again she emerges not afraid of life, but simply more aware of its possibilities. Both good and bad.

'I'm so sick and tired of my chin being up.'

Removed from her labs and her sciences and her school, Fred was initially at a loss what she could bring to her new home at Angel investigations. Everyone else there seemed to have something key they could contribute. Eventually she came to feel compelled to be the support system to everything else. The importance she places on loyalty and family compels her to create a safe and positive places for the friends she has come to love -- something she senses they did not have. It is in her nature to stay positive even when things are falling apart, and to be as supportive as possible. She will keep her smile in place in the worst of time, holding on to that determination until she quite literally shatters. She is strong until the small moment she is not -- and then she demands of herself that she pull herself back together again. Until her chin is again up.

Fred also had a strong sense of justice -- though one that was somewhat warped be her time in Pylea. She is more than willing to not simply kill the professor that sentenced her to Pylea, but to send him there himself, knowing he would suffer and eventually die painfully. Her sense of right and wrong has been altered through her experiences.


Sample Journal Entry: [5-10 Sentences]

Sample RP: [3-5 paragraphs, 3rd Person POV]

Special Notes:
Just a full third person writing sample with particular focus on character--



Taking it all in...

Locked to Lorne

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12 - Words on Pages

[Fred's sitting in the kitchen, far, far too many pancakes surrounding here. Someone might've been stress cooking. There is also a whole lot of doodles being made into her journal. Of course for Fred, a doodle is a highly complicated mathematical equation. She's been thinking. A lot.]

It's still a funny name.

**Backdated to before Buffy escaped!