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I swear, Judy Garland is one of, if not the most talented and beautiful woman I have ever worked with.

I went into the film somewhat apprehensive, I mean why would they wanna see my old, funny looking face on screen again?

All I can say is thanks for all the support, not just from Phyl my wife, but Gene, thanks for the call, Cyd thanks for the support, and Irving and Judy, I mean it, I love you guys!

Anyways the film's gonna be out soon, progress is good! I'm hoping it's gonna be a success, fingers crossed.

It's got some beautiful songs in, here's one as an example...

It only happens when I dance with you
That trip to heaven 'till the dance is through
With no one else do the Heavens seem quite so near
Why does it happen, dear only with you?

Two cheeks together can be so divine
But only when those cheeks are yours and mine
I've danced with dozens of others the whole night through,
But the thrill that comes with Spring when anything could happen,
That only happens with you

I sing that to Ann Miller's character and Judy sings it to me...

My big line...
Why didn't you tell me I was in love with you?" --as Don Hewes in EASTER PARADE (1948).

And some stills from the film...just to tease you!

See, we have such a blast! Love to you all, Freddie A.

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