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I met a darling young lady the other day.

I've been working on a few shows with Adele and I was asked to help out on this new show called "Girl Crazy" by Alex Aarons. They were having a few problems with the dancing and needed some advice.

So I went along, they did the dance to "Embracable You." Then I gave them my ideas, doing a few moves, and the lady, Ginger was her name followed me remarkably well. Infact I've never seen anyone do that and pick up a new move as good as she did.

I was really amazed by her talent. Infact I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I called her up and invited her out.

Well we went for a meal and some dancing. And there is one word to describe her; "Enchanting"

There's no love involved. I admire her talent and I reckon she'll become a good friend. I do hope so!

Well I bet you're wondering why I am awake at this hour...well you ever woken up at 2am and realised you had the perfect move for a routine you were stuck on...that's what's happened to me!

I am doing to dash off before I forget it. Bye all!

Keep Dancing- Fred
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