this never meant to hurt.... ::today i left with you
to travel far away::

everyday she rose with the sun
and broke as it fell down...
the girl with the freckles didn't know herself. And every day, she wandered far without finding what she lost...

so i lied about posting everyday... [01-05-2009
10:56 pm]
but i swear i'll do it more often...


once i get all my work done i will!
better days ♥

back at school... [09-30-2008
9:30 pm]
[ mood | content ]

i feel like i need to start writing again. and not just here and there, but every day or at least every other day? I don't know. I think it will be good!

I'm back at school...been here for about 5 weeks now... I'm doing really well out here actually. I'm surrounding myself with amazing people that really care about me and just want to have fun with me. I've met new people who are awesome and also reestablished some relationships that weren't as strong as they should've been. I've been going out a lot lately though and having a lot of fun, but i also really need to concentrate on my schoolwork as this is my last year here! I can't believe this is came soooo fast! Ah!!

I've taken on a new outlook on life as well...I feel a lot more laid back than I used to be...and probably a little less crazy haha.. I was told by multiple people to read/watch the secret and it's really helped me think differently about most everything in life. I just know now that everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance. I also learned to think more positively and to stop being a pessimist! I've been more in tune with a lot of the energy around me strange as that sounds...but honestly...everyone has energy that they emit and the world is full of different energies from other sources...and being more aware of those energies and vibes just makes life so much more enjoyable and almost invigorating. I don't know how to explain the things i've been feeling and understanding lately...they just exist and make sense to me.

In addition to understanding my surroundings and everything happening around me, I'm trying to find myself lately...i dont know how well that's going..

i really need to study though...
more later.

better days ♥

Help me out! Vote for my picture!! [12-04-2007
10:40 pm]
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8:59 am]
i'm sitting here and wishing....

wishing that maybe in a few days
you'll realize that you just can't be without me...

and i'm wishing that you'll call
crying and confessing your undying love for me...

and i'm wishing that you'll take me back
and that you dont hate me
and that everything is going to be okay
and that i can stop crying because we'll be together again
and.... i hope you're wishing these things too

but the part that makes me want to die
and never see daylight again....

is that i know you're not.
better days ♥

1:35 pm]
Dan's band is playing with Atreyu on August 2nd at Mark's Showplace (a strip club in Bedford, NH)! Anyone who has a ticket to Locobazooka can get into this show for FREE! So come and support Fractured Silence! Thank you! The end!
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12:22 pm]
soo.... dan and i, along with my parents, are going to see wayne newton.
and i think that's hilarious
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summmmmer [06-14-2006
9:27 am]
i'm home, but i've been here for a couple of weeks now...
i still dont have a job and that suckssss....but i'm going to talk to a photographer today that may be looking for an assistant and i'm hoping that i'll be able to get some experience with her and/or put some of the skills that i learned this year to good use. dan's mom offered me a job at the firehall and i'm going to take it, but i dont start there until tomorrow. so hopefully between the two of those options, i'll be able to make some money this summer so i can stop mooching off my parents and dan! ahh! i need money! and then, to top it off, i got in a car accident like right after i got home. my car is still driveable, but anyone who knows my car knows that it sucked before it got hit, so you can only imagine how it is now... blah! but i got a check from the girl's insurance company and hopefully i'll be able to get a new car soon! ah! summer is crazy and i'm bored during the day with dan being at work and all... sooo anyone who wants to hang out in the morningish time, calllll me! the end!
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11:34 pm]
i've still got a week left of classes.. .and then finals. this sucks. everyone is already home and i'm still stuck here! argh! thankfully I dont have too much more work to do. I just need to print out 9 more pictures and mat them for photo...but i think we're getting an essay to write tomorrow.. yuck. then i have another final for western art and architecture next thursday and then i'm done! and i can come home!!! which is very very exciting!
but a bad thing happened... my phone broke in half haha. i dropped it on the ground for the millionth time and it just gave up and snapped. the top part that flips down was hanging on by the electrical connection, but that just snapped. so now my phone is just a little thing with send, end, and 9 numbers. i had to buy a headset so i could actually hear people when they talk to me. hopefully i'll be getting a new phone soon! thats all for nowww!
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12:07 pm]
sooo... saturday night i was hypnotized. and it was fuckin weirrdddd. that's all i have to say.

and yes, it DID work.
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2:18 pm]
my mom and i just decided...
that we're going to start a new business.
instead of ice cream trucks for kids, we're going to have frozen drinks/cocktail trucks for housewives during the hot summer days. Aside from the whole not being able to drive with open alcohol in the vehicle, i'd say its a winner! the end!
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meow meow meowww. i'm bored [04-11-2006
12:50 pm]
+ danny is coming to visit in 9 days (for 4ish days)
+ i made the dean's list for fall and winter quarter
+ today is my half birthday
+ my mom sent me a half birthday cookie cake
+ sunday is easter!
+ steph came to visit last weekend
+ steph might come here next year!

- i won't be home for easter (for the first timee)
- i dont know where i'm going to work over the summer
- i have four pictures due on friday
- i have an exam on thursday
- someone stole my portfolio so now i need to buy new paper and a ruler
- yesterday was a shitty day

but today its really nice outttt! so i'm going to go lay outside in the grass and get my work done!
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