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Freaks R Us

Electro Girl

Gwen Raiden
28 May 1980
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Technically? I'm exciting the subatomic particles with electrical energy and then bouncing 'em off each other before they hit ground state. Gwen’s explanation of her abilities to bend laser beams in Ground State.

Information is both canon and my own filling in the blanks

The Basics

Name: Gwen Raiden
Aliases: Electro-girl, Freak
Occupation: Thief
Family: Cynthia Raiden (estranged mother), Bryce Raiden IV (estranged father), Bryce Raiden III (deceased grandfather)
Date of birth: 05/28/80
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Hair Color: Brunette with streaks of white and red
Eye Color: Hazel
Citizenship: American


Gwen is an outgoing, what you see is what you get, rebellious person. She’ll call herself a freak, but you can’t call her one unless you’ve earned the right. She’ll scorch your ass.

Gwen learned at a very young age that you have to look out for number one because no one else will. She believes her parents sold her off to Lydia Thorpe, despite the pretty name of ‘donation’ on it. It was reinforced with her parents slowly pulling away and finding excuses of why they wouldn’t be home during the holiday breaks. The wall began to build around her heart and it’s gotten higher and stronger ever since.

She’s a liar, a thief, a risk taker and an adventurer. If you sneak past her defenses, getting inside her wall, however, she will go into hell to get you out. Despite being a liar, she does have a strong sense of loyalty. It’s just to a very select few.

It doesn’t bother Gwen to use people to get what she wants and she’ll do it with a charming smile. She is always two or three steps ahead of her opponent and thinking of every contingency to get out of a situation.


Gwen was born to wealthy parents Cynthia and Bryce Raiden. She spent a normal, happy childhood in Wisconsin until she was struck by lightning at the age of six. The lightning strike didn’t hurt her, but it did give her the ability to manipulate electricity. Her parents couldn’t handle her ‘unique’ abilities any longer and sent her to Lydia Thorpe, owner of Thorpe’s Academy.

Her first week there was marked in tragedy and the death of a student. Gwen sat alone in the schoolyard, covered from head to toe. The bulky gloves didn’t allow her to eat, so she took one off. That innocent act set about a chain reaction that killed a small boy. It affected her deeply, and it made her retreat further behind her wall. The whispered words of freak and murderer in the halls, pushed her toward being the rebellious Gwen today. If they were going to view her as a freak and outsider than she would be, on her own terms. She began to wear leather, streak her hair and learned her talent allowed her to bypass security systems at the school.

On graduation she moved to LA, a town where a freak could blend in. One could really blend into the streets and that’s where she lived, until her reputation grew. More and more clients would hire the girl that could walk in and out of a high tech security building without any problems.

Her life was on the fast track to being the best of the best in LA when she ran into a vampire and his band of do-gooders during a job. Both were after the Axis of Pythia, but for different reasons. In the course of the metaphorical tug of war for the Axis, Gunn touched Gwen’s hand and was electrocuted. It was the schoolyard incident all over again and Gwen was determined not to kill another. With her hand on his heart, she brought him back to life with an electrical pulse. That didn’t stop her from stealing the Axis however, and Gwen used Angel’s concern for Gunn as a distraction and left.

Angel tracked her down and after he saved her life from Elliot, her double crossing client, she gave him the Axis. He promised to give it back to her when he was finished with it, but she never expected to see him or it again.

Shock filled her, when Angel showed up and gave her the Axis. That act of keeping his word, began her on a different path. She still steals, despite the Axis’ value of thirty three million, but it’s now for those that need objects rather than want objects. Not quite Robin Hood, but a thief with a small conscious.


Cynthia Raiden nee Towne & Bryce Raiden IV: Parents. Gwen is estranged from both parents. Neither could deal with the fact that their little girl was no longer perfect and had become a freak. Like most wealthy families, they used money and power to hide their ‘family secret’. Gwen has no respect for them and took constant delight in pushing their buttons.

Bryce Raiden III: Grandfather. Gwen adored her grandfather. He made her feel loved and special even after the lightning strike. It was his fanciful belief that Gwen was kissed by the Lenapi god of lightning. Her world crumbled when he died.

Angel: A vampire with a soul that was after the Axis. She respects Angel and there are very few that earn her respect. She thinks he’s misguided and his Sir Galahad/Don Quixote complex will get him killed.

Gunn: The first person to get past her wall of defense and see the Gwen no one sees. They have a connection from accidentally killing him, to entrusting him with the knowledge of LISA, to being the first person to ever touch her, to her first lover. They parted as friends and he’s the only person she would go into hell and fight the devil for.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: art, antiques, stealing, pool, chess, vodka, tequila, classic rock, pole dancing, men, sex, touch, flirting, adventure, risk, motorcycles, electricity, kicking ass, high tech, computers, running scam, pickpocket, having fun, traveling, beach, looking out for number one

Dislikes: authority figures, rules, people with sticks up their ass, double crossing, Elliot, prejudice

Mun's Take on Gwen.

[Disclaimer: I am not Gwen Raiden. She belongs to the imagination of Joss Whedon. I am not the woman in the icons. That would be Alexa Davalos. She definitely doesn’t belong to me. I make no money from this, it is purely for personal enjoyment. Pictures are courtesy of alexa-davalos.com]