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20 July 1988
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Soo Im Frankie. Im 19 from the UK. Im absoloutley rubbish at updating this but I really should try more! sooo...Im from Halesowen, not far from Birmingham in the sunny UK. Im a qualified hairdresser. Im currently completing my NVQ Level 3 and want to go on to do beauty. I want to be really successful in what I do. I love holidays theres no stopping me, I've travelled a fair bit - Crete, Kos, Cyprus, Tenerife, Zante, Barcelona, Paris, New York. Im hating my friends being at uni, I miss them, yet love visiting them thats amazing. Makes you realise how much they mean to you.
I dont really know what else to put here other than if you want to add me feel welcome. My Journal is friends only so leave me a comment and i shall more than likley add you!

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