and lovely are words from your mouth to me

I can feel my belly fill with the thick black smoke from the burning ciggarette twirling in my hand so I mumble an excuse to put it out among the heaps of charred butts and bottle caps. I need to escape. I stumble up the steps with shaken arms and eyes to the only saftey I know. my head is spinning in summersaults around the room while my heavy as lead noodle arms chase it through the piles of laundry and empty pizza boxs fitted with fancy polka dot hats made of uneaten cheese and pepperoni. As I let out a lung shattering cough flavored with the taste of hospital floors ..I come to the truth.

Teenage mutant ninga Rapfael, slutty french maid, and beautiful dominatrix

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LePetiteMadame (12:10:12 AM): showerrrrrzzzzzz
DaVirge (12:11:57 AM): My NiNi must be a shrivelled unit by now, El envios de la NiNi ustedes. Mucho Amour
DaVirge (12:12:37 AM): Shower-head
DaVirge (12:13:43 AM): POE POE
DaVirge (12:14:10 AM): Zippedy-Doo-Dahhhhhh
DaVirge (12:14:31 AM): Stickleoscopy
DaVirge (12:14:54 AM): Pickelasphlymy
DaVirge (12:15:49 AM): Kisssle-de-mizzle-O-panky-Z manky
DaVirge (12:17:12 AM): (I'm sorry, there's a Monkey loose in the house, gotta go}
DaVirge (12:18:00 AM): Oops.... It got out he back door...
DaVirge (12:18:54 AM): Oh, monkey... If you only knew...
DaVirge (12:19:18 AM): Pinnkatelllella
DaVirge (12:19:29 AM): Bio
DaVirge (12:19:36 AM): B

i love my mom

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its that time again...

College is awesome. I'm having so much fun <3

Nicole and Alexis came down this weekend & partied with Shauna and Co. .. that needs to happen more often

so fun <3

oh and i have my lip peirced its been about 3 weeks maybe 2 i cant remember but yeah

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so. I finally have some pictures... these were all taken a while ago but sommeeeonnneee finally decided to send them to me <3.

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monday mornig blues

well.. i live in Centreville now Little Rocky Run Represent w00t!!@%$&%$!!

ha no but really i've met some awesome people out there...

but my heart still belongs to Vienna <3

fucking shit i go to Richmond in 5 days.. word.. my mommy is coming up and helping me with my room.. she is quite the decorator extrodinaire gah sp?.
She got this trailor thing to hook up to the jimmy for traveling and shes staying at Pocahauntas camp sites in Richmond.. haha.. we sink slowly into red-neckiness a little more every day.

I miss my grandmother so much..
My other grandmother's brother died yesterday, and i visited vienna to see how she was.. She is so strong.. i love her. I hope one day to be a fraction of the woman she is.

Philip is back from California !!! he is so tan i love it<3

oh and i got a cell phone ! its a richmond number so its 804 but add it to your phone and call it... really.. call it ...804-239-5622

well i should be working right now... pictures to come soon..
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a night to remember



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