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Ensign (NO, HEY! That's LIEUTENANT!) Foster
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I'm just better. Period.

I'm a better security officer than everyone else, except maybe Da Lootenant COMMANDER(tm). Maybe. Hah!

Ship's command structure is sadly lacking, endangering our mission to find the Xindi and save Earth. As long as I've waited for this to rectify itself...it ain't happening!

So...taking it upon myself to 'find a way' to...induce some changes around here. For the good of the ship...and my ego, in some cases.

Biding my time on the following targets people:

  1. Ethan Dirtboy (fer impersonatin' ME)
  2. Travis Mayweather ('cause the little man just doesn't like me)
  3. Baird (OWCH!!)
  4. Corporal McKenzie, Amateur
  5. Stephen Tanner (see #2)
  6. Michael Rostov (see #4)
  7. Tom Paris (uh, crewman?) -- even I won't go after a guy whose been fried on Chef's grill.
  8. Captain Archer (sad but true...have to get his head screwed on right, no pun intended. The man needs my help, obviously. And it shits that my boss may get singhed along the way...but...the company you keep...)
  9. Trip Tucker (for bein' a pain in the ass and 'Insectia')...And Hayes? They deserve each other.

    I'm a "people person." *snirk* Promotion by gossip Advancement by design, I always say.