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This is reflecting my heart

showing who I am

Tabitha Katy
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Im the type of girl who breaks the rules. I refuse to watch my mouth, Its more fun that way. I give my heart away to easily and fall for false hope, but I still dream of a fairy-tale love. My life can be related to a song, it goes up and down with the beats. Hey, Im Tabby, Im completely obsessed with colorguard, fasion and livejournal. I like to spend my Saturday nights laying in the middle of my street watching stars while listening to Josh Groban. Im lucky to find a shooting one, whenever I do I wish on a certain someone. I like to eat Chinese food and drink Welch's white grape juice. My cell phone is attatched to my back pocket, just in case you know who calls and lights up my day. I can be quite a social butterfly and I believe laughter keeps the world alive. Be careful I'll do just about anything to see you smile. Once again, Im Tabby, nice meeting you.♥

The best things in life are strange-->
♥ band geeks
♥ rain puddles
♥ bon fires
♥ birthday-cake remix
♥ spinning anything
♥ blasting slow songs
♥ dancing (even though I can't)
♥ guard guys
♥ blockbuster nights
♥ beach at night
♥ true friends