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gnite loverrs.
remember go put your i.d. in your backpack/purse/wallet/purse.pocket.mom.
whatever! just please vote. <3<3

t-a-b-b-y e-i-s-e-n-b-e-r-g

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omgsh, yes thats riite, me tabby eisenberg, ugly stupid unpopular clumsy me somehow managed to get nominated for the homecoming ballot.

for girls the choices are

-jessica flading (whos prolly gonna win)
-jessica eggenberger
-brittany gala
-katie flynn?

idk, but if you feel like voting for a loser i would love you forever. nothing like this ever happens to me, so im pretty excited just to be on the ballot, but if u wanna vote me onto court, that would be so awesome. well ahppy voting. bring your i.d's and vote lol!

<3<3<3 tabby eisenberg, proud band historian/dork.

my dad is much smarter than my mom!

sorry friends cut, i love my lj and i dont thin its right to delete it just because of some highschool drama that i will forget about in a couple years, so im just going to delete who i feel might have the option of getting me into trouble,

.sorry. <3<3

but seriously if I deleted you it's not to be mean or make you hate me, I deleted one of my best friends! It's just temporarily and I only deleted some of the people I used to be close to.

Gain my trust back=access to my lj..but for some it means your gonna need someone else to trust me before i can add you back too! sorry,

please dont take any offense to it, and p.s if u think i did this to talk shit u can ask me ill show u exactly what my "friends only" entries say.

..sorry bye. xO
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And this feels so far from real.
I'm lost and I love it.
I can't take it, if you're waiting.
I am ready to tell the world about a boy
who showed me love again for the first time.
And it's everything I dreamed of.

Carotopqt9 [4:02 PM]: lol..so whats up with u?
theherbster11 [4:03 PM]: nothing much ........happy
Carotopqt9 [4:03 PM]: awww..y so happy?
theherbster11 [4:05 PM]: im not really sure ......i think im in love with ....idk im been think of it all day

^that is so sweet...god is that too much to ask for?..all i want is someone to care..lol lucky kassie..yay for them :)
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ive never been this happy..
im soo happy..
it hasn't been like this in a while..

uh oh..julie just made me realize something..hmm..thats scary

oh man, im listening to all these old songs that were popular like over my summers at camp woodland...

gosh :hapiness:..i wish everyone could feel as i do now..i wish it was homecoming all over again..just so i could dance with any random preson..

im hyper lol

"gator boots with the pimped out gucci suit"<---playa play..thats a real pimp
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im loving it..really just loving it..lol

so in 25 days it will be a new year..and I wanna change.

so many things.. i do wanna change my appearance..whatdya think about highlights..and umm nicer clothes?

anyway..just an opinion.

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