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[25 Jul 2004|12:56am]
Kel and I sat on her porch just now for like 45 minutes waiting for phil and we just talked about stuff. Yes.. Stuff. I donno what happened but I was reading the note the i wrote to give to phil and it made me cry. I donno whats going on.. but I know that he wasnt the only reasons I was crying. It felt good tho.. it was like a big weight was lifted off my chest. It was a combination of Kelli and that shit, phil, caylee, brittany and rachel, sam, barbara, my dad, my family in general, Tyler, ross and that group of people, michelle, britta, julia, erica, just everything. It felt kind of good.. but i dont know.. Theres soo much going on the i dont tell people for fear of what they might say.. and theres so much going on that i dont tell people because im literally not allowed to tell. I hold so much back.. always.. even now... theres soo much more i could let go of.. but i wont.. because im a strong person.. or so least i hope.

:) lyrics time :)
I wish i would have died in your amrs the last time we were together
so i wouldnt have to wait with out you today, this time i thought things were real, you said they were what happend.. you were a priority was i an option, i let you see a side i dont share with anyone, Promises are just word unless they are fufilled, And here from the beginning all i had to offer was my heart, Im sorry that wasnt enough, So we will go our own ways and hopefully you will remember the things i told you, Hopefully youll understand that everyhting i said was in Scincerity, A broken Heart is not what i wanted from this but i guess ive learned from this, But arent you supposed to learn from your mistakes? I dont consider this a mistake, I just wish the story didnt end this way, Cause im still in love with the person helped me write it
* a year from now*

The closer that we get, the more that I regret, for losing out on all, that never let me fall, and now I face it all again until I can't pretend, to fake a smile i do so well, can't you learn anything
*saving myself*
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[22 Jul 2004|03:30pm]
[ mood | ADHDish ]

Hey all.. I got a new livejournal because I wanted to.. friends only :).

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