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all my liife i have waited... [entries|friends|calendar]
jamii-lynne lindsay hOlla at yOur gurl

I set Out On a narrOw way, many years agO, hOpeing i wOuld find true lOve, alOng a brOken rOad, but i got lOst a time Ot twO, wiped my brOw and kept pushing thru, i cOuldn't see hOw every sign pOinted straight tO yOu, every lOng lOst dream, lead me tO where yOu are, Others that brOke my heart, they were like nOthern starts pOinting me On my way, intO yOur lOving arms, this much i know is true, that gOd blessed the brOken rOad that lead me straight tO yOu

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dO yOu lOve me? [Monday
March 07 2005
12:59pm ]
[ mood | blank ]

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Do you Love me?

(copy Nd paste this into your journal Nd see if your loved.)

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_-Access Denied-_ [Tuesday
January 25 2005
11:59pm ]
[ mood | loved ]

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friiends Onlii biitchs

guess since yOu dOn't knO my business,
yOu'll have nOthiing to gOssip abOut!
sO stOp running yOur diick sucKers!

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♥ jamii-lynne
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