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the coming of the deluge

i've been hearing a lot of talk lately about how sick you all are of the way i just don't suffer from enough verbal diarrhea. you tragic, bored, people. of course i love to hear myself talk, and all it took was a little encouragement and BLAMMO it's suddenly time for


so, this shall be your one and only warning, your chance to remove or filter me from your friends list lest my blathering infect your memespace, lest you decide that i'm really Not All That Interesting And Maybe I Should Stop Thinking About Going To His Parties, and worst of all lest you decide your own blag is worthy of similar intentions--i don't have time to read such intense navelgazing! wait, who am i kidding, everyone here knows i have plenty of time to read all your goatee-rubbing pensive moments and that i in fact live to do so and PLEASE FEED ME SEYMOUR!

i pretty well failed at my nanowrimo goal so this is a more manageable (maybe?) scene: blog once daily for the month. i'll try not to let my diary ("self, why is it that you can't motivate to do more at work? could it be because you are reading so many blogs?" "self, that is not the kind of talk i like to hear--at least 3% of those blogs are arguably work related, if you hire the right lawyer to do the arguing.") spill over into here because while i fully support such introspective thoughts, i don't think that they tend to be quite as interesting as rambling entries about the inner workings of my mind. or at least, i'm not usually very good at injecting amusement into diary entries. so there's that.

in case you're suffering from an overload of free time, and, like me, your remote-control finger is broken, why not hoover up a daily helping of one of the several hundred channels from the holidailies portal (those are excerpts from the folks who want to really show off their chops) or the slightly shyer people like me who play the home game, which is perhaps unremarkably called holidailies at home.

there's sure to be a gem buried somewhere in there. there's sure to be a load of poop hiding it, but i'm sure you'll perservere and dig down through it. or not.

happy holidays, folks.