thinking out loud

There are many questions which fools can ask that wise men cannot answer.

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I'm just a guy who likes things. I'm a sometime geek, luddite, artist, idiot savant, philanthropist, clown, idealist, author, amnesiac, endurance racer, student, teacher, artist, lover, and participant. I try not to be a consumer, observer, reactionary, rageaholic, obsessive-compulsive, liar, hater, or annoyance. I'm usually happy and busy and interested.

My personality doesn't fit well in my head, much less in this box or this journal. But I've never been one to let details like that get in my way.

xkcd.com strip #137

The above comic strip summarizes my views on the angle of sharing too much with the wrong people. So, if you want to know something, ask. No fair complaining when I answer.