chris (_fool) wrote,

happiness is

...really enjoying my job! 7 days in and i like *everyone* that i work with and they are all at least as smart as me. i like our software more and more. i'm becoming useful more quickly than i expected. i'm getting positive feedback.

...successful (repeat scheduled!) first dates that are ended with a hug instead of sex or a kiss

...playing rock band with many friends for 5 hours on sunday evening

...meredith_mccraw visiting in less than 48 hours to go see tmbg!

...a warm cat

...reading way more than usual

...getting enough sleep, and settling into an almost-daily meditation routine

...doing ok without the booze. 8 days, a long rockband session & trips to several bars without falling or jumping off the wagon last bike race for the year next weekend. yeehaw mud!
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